Even School Kids Use the Dark Web to Deal in Drugs

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School-aged kids are allegedly paying for hard drugs including ketamine, MDMA and cocaine with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin on the dark web.

It is now official—apparently, even young school-going kids are now using the dark web to deal with drugs.

According to an investigation by Mirror, a great number of children are using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to pay for narcotics in the dark web namely MDMA, ketamine and cocaine.

These tech-native kids then proceed to personally sell these items for cash.

This is confirmed by the case of a young boy who confessed to having made more than £7,000 in just over a year through selling narcotics to his peers. Unfortunately, he eventually became addicted to the drugs and his unsuspecting parents only became aware of this when he supposedly collapsed from a ketamine overdose in a popular nightclub.

According to the boy, he started out by investing £100 worth of Bitcoin and used the funds in dealing drugs, a trade he learned about from his peers who were already in business.

On his personal computer, he went on to download the Tor browser, which allows access to the dark web. He then further reinforced the privacy of his operation by subscribing to an exclusive Virtual Private Network to conceal his online activities and location both from the authorities and, of course, his guardians.

Your TOR usage is being watched

In just a short period of time, he had already found a drug dealer in the dark web.

How School-Aged Kids Enter Dark Web Trade

In his narration, the teenager opened up to The Mirror citing that purchasing the drugs was quite easy since the sites function similar to TripAdvisor, a popular tourist guide site. According to him, the sites have numerous ratings on reliability and quality associated with a seller from the buyers.

Moreover, to keep his parents out of the loop, he worked up a deal with a colleague where he would pay him £20 for the packages to be delivered at his house. In his confession, he also stated that he initially made an order for ketamine (3 grams) at £10 per gram as well as cocaine (3 grams) at £20 for each gram.

Surprisingly, in his endeavors, he also interacted with numerous other kids using the forum to not only do deals by payment in cryptocurrencies, but also to exchange information.

All his transactions were disguised as typical eBay purchases, but the orders were delivered in vacuum-sealed envelopes under his name. He would then advertise his merchandise on Snapchat and deliver them by bicycle.

However, it was not until he became addicted to the merchandise (ketamine) and eventually overdosed that the truth finally came to light.

Rising Cases of Kids Dealing Drugs on Dark Web for Profit

Drug addicts to inject heroin
According to an investigation by Mirror, a great number of children are using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to pay for narcotics in the dark web namely MDMA, ketamine and cocaine.

Prior to his collapse, the teenager outlined that he usually made about £800 every month. With such an incentive, he delved deeper into the business until he eventually overdosed on ketamine at a nightclub.

And it’s worth noting that he was not the only minor dealing drugs in cryptocurrencies on the dark web. According to him, there were many more (older and younger) dealing drugs on the dark web.

In the words of Steve Pope, his therapist, there is a prevalent “silent epidemic” of kids purchasing and using narcotics sourced from the dark web. According to him, it has become very simple for kids to make easy money and ultimately fall victim and begin to use the drugs themselves.

He went on to further point out that the unfortunate event is that if one becomes overwhelmed, another kid immediately steps to assume his place and to tap the already established clientele base.

Global Drug Survey Founder Adam Winstock, who is also a psychiatry consultant and the creator of feedback apps like Drugs Meter and Drinks Meter, outlines that the cases will continue to grow exponentially as is now the case, provided many parents remain unaware of the related risks.

In his statement, he highlights that the dark web has wiped off all concerns such as the likelihood of arrests, violence and the purchase of low-quality drugs. Furthermore, he also acknowledges that the easier it is to access high-quality drugs, the more dependence increases as well as the risk of accompanying implications.

Although it has always been challenging for parents to monitor the online activities of their children, with the dark web, the task gets even more complicated, if not virtually impossible. This comes in the wake of some astounding revelations from the latest Global Drug Survey, which outlines that the U.K. is among the leading nations in dark web drug purchases, with only Finland and Norway ranking higher.

In the survey report, the number of similar drug purchases in the year 2016 alone rose from 18 percent to slightly over 25 percent. Jamie Bartlett, director of Centre for the Analysis of Social Media and author of The Dark Net, also noted that kids having easy and almost immediate access to narcotics is a major catastrophe.

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