Two Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Hawaii Begin Sales

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Medical Cannabis in Hawaii
Hawaii’s first two marijuana dispensaries just opened their doors to the public, initiating sales for medical cannabis.

As of last week, a second medical cannabis dispensary has opened in Hawaii, beginning sales of medical cannabis to citizens.

The new dispensary, named “Aloha Green,” opened its doors to customers after securing approval from the Hawaii Department of Health.

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They got the green light after successfully completing the mandatory lab tests and passing an inspection.

This dispensary is the second of its kind in Hawaii, coming after “Maui Grown Therapies.”

Currently, these are the only two dispensaries in Hawaii selling legal marijuana but in the future, more dispensaries will be opened as soon as they receive the approval to do so.

Selling Medical Cannabis in Hawaii

Maui Grown Therapies secured approval from the Department of Health one day before Aloha Green received theirs.

According to the law, they can only sell dried medical cannabis flowers to patients for the time being.

Hawaii will soon certify a lab to first examine marijuana products before they’re permitted to be sold.

As of now, eight other dispensaries are waiting in line to obtain approval for selling medical cannabis in Hawaii.

Patients Lining Up to Purchase Medical Marijuana in Hawaii

According to the Hawaii Department of Health, more than 5,000 patients have already signed up for purchasing marijuana through the medical cannabis program.

Patients who have registered with the medical cannabis program can purchase up to four ounces of marijuana over a period of 15 days.

This also extends to a maximum of eight ounces over a period of 30 days.

Hence, patients cannot legally purchase more than the set amount of marijuana each month.

The Journey So Far

The law to allow the sale of legal marijuana did not arise out of the blue in Hawaii.

Several years have passed since the idea to implement a law was first conceived.

The law has been in the making for a long while now, finally culminating in a historic moment last week—when Hawaii officially joined the growing number of states and nations around the world to allow for the sale of medical marijuana.

The approval process for selling medical cannabis is a rigorous one, designed to ensure that the people of Hawaii can get the best service possible with regards to their health needs.

Marijuana can provide therapeutic and treatment-related benefits for a number of health issues and conditions.

However, the drug also creates harmful consequences when taken in large quantities and over a long period of time.

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People cannot abuse the use of medical cannabis

Therefore, it is only responsible to ensure that people cannot abuse the use of medical cannabis and set a system in place for the same.

Currently, the set limit has been approved by health experts as a reasonable amount that will not only help patients recuperate from health conditions, but also prevent them from developing any side effects.

The debate is ongoing and divided over whether marijuana is indeed harmful in large doses and extended periods of time.

But with the information we have, it’s safe to say that too much of anything can lead to harmful consequences.

Regarding the law in place for the legal sale of medical cannabis, any use of marijuana must take place only on private property.

Using the drug inside a car or on public property—such as roads, beaches, etc.—is strictly illegal.

It is also illegal to consume the drug on federal property, such as national parks and military grounds.

If a patient buys medical cannabis from dispensaries, they must take it home in a sealed container.

The Future and What It Holds

Some of the other dispensaries waiting in line for approval are Manoa Botanicals, TCG Retro Market, Cure Oahu, Hawaiian Ethos, Lau Ola, Pono Life Sciences and Maui Wellness Group.

Each is in a different stage when it comes to the production and sale of medical cannabis.

Some have started growing their own marijuana, whereas others are still looking for retail spaces.

These dispensaries have to not only produce marijuana but also send the products to the designated labs for testing before the approval process even begins.

As of now, the Hawaii Dispensary Alliance has estimated that the sale of medical marijuana might create over $12 million to $38 million in just the first year, depending on how successful the program will be.

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