Marijuana Found on Child, Mom Faces Charges

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Two Monroe residents are facing charges after marijuana was discovered concealed on a minor they were traveling with.

A 36-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man from Monroe, Louisiana are facing multiple charges including drug possession and improper minor supervision after a trooper from the Louisiana State Police discovered marijuana inside a pink bag purportedly belonging to the 10-year-old daughter of the woman.

An arrest affidavit from the Louisiana State Police placed the three occupants of the vehicle, Claire Anne Jones, her daughter, and Terrance Reed, on Louisiana 15 heading south in a vehicle with a tinted window on the driver’s side.

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The occupants of the vehicle were not wearing seatbelts at the time of the traffic stop, according to reports.

Claire Jones was driving the vehicle at the time of the routine traffic stop.

The trooper immediately recognized the strong smell of marijuana when he approached the vehicle from the driver’s side.

Later on, Claire Jones said that she had noticed the same smell of marijuana earlier on when she picked up Terrance Reed, who she admits is a known marijuana user.

Apparently Reed, who had been seated beside her 10-year-old daughter, had assured her that he did not have any marijuana in his possession.

False Identification

When prompted, Reed had apparently handed over false identification documents to the troopers.

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An arrest affidavit from the Louisiana State Police placed the three occupants of the vehicle, Claire Anne Jones, her daughter, and Terrance Reed, on Louisiana 15 heading south in a vehicle with a tinted window on the driver’s side.

After the arrest, he confessed that he did this because he already had a few outstanding warrants to his name.

A search through the vehicle unearthed a digital measuring scale that had traces of marijuana on it, a plastic bag of containing marijuana stashed in a pink bag under the seat Reed was in, a plastic bag containing marijuana in the child’s pants, and traces of marijuana inside Jones’ purse according to the arrest affidavit.

Louisiana State Police later confirmed that Reed came into the vehicle with the pink bag, a fact that was corroborated by Jones and her daughter.

Mail with Reed’s numerical address helped the police arrive at this conclusion.

As for the bag of marijuana in the young girl’s pants, Reed allegedly forced it inside the front side of her pants after she initially refused to hide it for him.

The act of grabbing a young girl’s waistband and stuffing marijuana inside her pants earned him an indecent behavior charge.

Jones, Reed, Taken into Custody

Following processing, Jones was shipped off to the Ouachita Correctional Center.

She is currently awaiting trial on charges that include drug possession, improper minor supervision, driving without a seat belt on, driving a vehicle with a tinted window, and outstanding warrants from the Ouachita Parish Sherriff’s Office, including one for misusing food stamps and another for failure to make a court appearance.

The total bond amount for her release is yet to be set.

Reed was booked into the same correctional facility after being booked on charges of indecent behavior involving a juvenile, contribution to juvenile delinquency, resisting arrest using false identification, possession of a controlled substance around a minor, marijuana possession, obstruction of justice, failure to wear a seatbelt and outstanding warrants including theft, resisting arrest by flight, and failure to make an appearance.

His total bond amount is also to be determined.

Marijuana Legalization

These recent Louisiana arrests are testament that despite marijuana’s widespread legalization, a lot of stringent laws still surround its recreational use as is the case with Louisiana, who legalized medical marijuana usage last year.

Worth noting is that the drug is still a controlled substance in some states and as such, the possession of marijuana often warrants more than just a minor infraction.

Driving under the influence of marijuana is an offense that attracts the same punishment as driving under the influence of alcohol.

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