Marijuana Extracts Classified As Schedule 1 Controlled Substances

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Cultivation of marijuana (Cannabis sativa), flowering cannabis plant as a legal medicinal drug, herb, ready to harvest
In December 2016, the DEA has reclassified cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive hemp extract, as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act.

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has reclassified cannabidiol (CBD) as a Schedule I drug as of December 14, 2016.

Schedule I drugs are defined by the DEA as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.

Heroin, marijuana, and ecstasy are a few well-known examples of drugs classified into Schedule I under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

Under the CSA Scheduling, drugs and associated substances are classified into one of five schedules depending on the drug’s acceptable medical use and the drug’s potential for abuse and dependence.

The less medically-applicable use the drug or substance has and the higher its ability for abuse is, the lower its Schedule classification is.

For example, marijuana is a Schedule I drug, morphine is a Schedule II drug, and Lyrica is a Schedule V drug.

Defined in the CSA, a controlled substance analogue is a substance which is substantially similar to or represented as being similar to a Schedule I or II substance and is not an approved medication in the United States.

As per case law history, this has traditionally been decided on the basis of chemical composition in comparison to the Schedule I or II substance in question.

With this, products similar to CBD will likely be considered Schedule I drugs as well.

The DEA’s announcement has raised questions amongst Americans who are well-educated on the health benefits of CBD in addition to the ongoing legalization of marijuana across the country.

Many doctors prescribe CDB-based products to their patients as treatment, and many individuals turn to CBD products as an alternative medicine.

This announcement may also make it illegal to transport marijuana over the state lines, which would in turn affect CBD oil product manufacturers and distributors.

However, there is some hope for these parties on the legal basis of the Farm Act of 2014 and the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, in addition to the laws of states that have legalized marijuana.

About the Hemp Plant and CBD


Medical Marijuana
CBD oil products function as a digestive aid.

The hemp plant is a non-psychotropic form of cannabis that is grown around the world and is often imported to the United States for its uses in nutritional supplements and foods, building materials, and in textiles.


Specifically, hemp contains less than .03% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), whereas marijuana contains more than .03% of THC.

CBD oil is extracted from the aforementioned hemp plant, and is a primary ingredient in CBD products along with other essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, terpenes, flavonoids and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids to treat certain medical conditions.

To date, various studies have found that CBD oil products function as a digestive aid, works as an anti-inflammatory agent, assists in alleviating social anxiety, alleviates psychotic symptoms, and provides protection against the development of certain tumors, including breast cancer.

Notably, this is in addition to the findings of numerable studies on the health benefits of general marijuana usage.

This recent announcement on the classification of CBD as a Schedule I drug may greatly affect patients who have found relief with using CBD oil products, as well impact the operations of CBD oil manufacturers.

Rescheduling Petitions

Petitions to reschedule marijuana under the CSA have been denied by DEA on the grounds that it does not meet the criteria for having a currently accepted medical use in the United States.

“There is a lack of accepted safety of its use under medical supervision and has a high potential for abuse,” DEA Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg stated.

Until further notice, and challenged as recently as July 2016, marijuana will remain as a Schedule I drug. Likewise, it appears that CBD will as well.

For reconsideration, DEA and FDA are working hand in hand to conduct further research to prove the effectiveness of marijuana and find assurance that control will be exercised for the drug not to be abused.

The DEA and FDA continue to believe that medical use of marijuana still requires proof to be scientifically valid, as well as controlled clinical trials conducted under Investigational New Drug applications to assess whether marijuana or its constituents are safe and effective.

The DEA has also increased the number of registered marijuana manufacturers, providing a more robust supply of marijuana for researchers on their continued study to prove the health benefits of cannabis.

The DEA’s new policy will allow additional entities to apply to become registered with DEA so that they may grow and distribute marijuana for FDA-authorized research purposes.

Legal or not, it cannot be denied that many studies have already proven the benefits of CBD and marijuana.

With a more extensive research, marijuana and CBD may end up being a widely-accepted wonder drug.

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  1. Anonymous

    I hate the DEA and FDA so much that i cant even begin to describe or explain how much i hate them. They make everyone in the country think their doing whats best for our health and our safety when in reality thats complete bullshit! The FDA only cares abut one thing, PROFITS! Why else do you think they are trying to ban vaping and put all the small businesses out of business because the tobacco company has had to pay certain states for years in order to sell and advertise tobacco and our government would get the millions of dollars up front. Now the only way the big tobacco companies would continue to pay millions of dollars to these states is if the sale of tobacco never went below a certain percentage and what the fuck do you think happened. Since more and more people are switching to vaping because it is proven to be AT LEAST 95% safer than tobacco there has been a huge decline in tobacco sales all over the country and a huge decline in teen smoking rates. Now you would think since the FDA claims their most important priority is public health and safety that they would be happy and amazed by this news, right? WRONG! Their more concerned about the states not getting that money from the Big Tobacco Companies. So what happened next, the big tobacco companies pressured the FDA to ban vaping so the FDA came out with regulations that they assured everyone was not a ban on vaping but rather just regulations. But thats exactly what it is a ban, a complete prohibition because now any business that sells vapor products or eliquids will have to pay around $1 million per product to be submitted and then its not even a guarantee the FDA could still refuse them after they spent all their money. So if a business sells 10 different flavors of ejuice and those 10 flavors come in 6 different nicotine strengths that means if that business wants to sell those flavors with all the different nicotine strengths they would have to pay $60 million just to see if the FDA will approve them to sell their products.(American dream my ass!) So since at least 80% of the vaping industry is mom and pop small businesses they will end up having to close their business because theres no way they can afford to pay that especially since it doesnt even guarantee they would be approved. So whats going to happen? The Big Tobacco Companies are going to completely take over the vaping industry. They have more than enough money to pay the FDA’s ridiculous PMTA cost’s. I dont know about all of you but that doesnt look like the FDA’s number one priority is our health and safety but you be the judge of that. As for the DEA i dont hate them near as much as the FDA but i do hate them. Even though theres scientific evidence that marijuana helps with so many health problems including pain management. Now the DEA has been saying for years that theres an opioid epidemic in our country and more and more people are taking opiate pain medication. So they went and rescheduled hydrocodone from a schedule 3 to a schedule 2 so, in their words, make it harder to get. All that did was screw hundreds of thousands of pain management patients out of getting their medicine. Doctors all over the country took their patients off their medicine that many had been prescribed for 10-20 years and passed all their drug tests and pill counts. But because of the DEA the doctors are afraid to help people that actually need the medication. Thats all that they accomplished by rescheduling hydrocodone. That and the number of people using heroin and the number of heroin overdoses increased over 200% after they rescheduled hydrocodone. 200%!!!! The DEA continues to push and scare doctors into cutting back their opiate pain med prescriptions and continues to make it harder for patients who need the opiate pain meds even after they see what they caused from rescheduling hydrocodone. Now you would think that since the DEA are always saying how bad the opiate epidemic is and that its getting worse that since its scientifically proven that marijuana helps with chronic pain they would have rescheduled marijuana to a schedule 2. They say how bad the opiate epidemic is getting but yet when they have a solution right in front of them they dont use it. Now again to me that DOES NOT seem like their main priority is our safety but again you can be the judge of that. These are all 100% facts. With all the fake news now a days I know its hard to believe which ones are true and which ones are lies but I can assure you that everything I just wrote is true. Ive been reading and doing research for over 7 months now so I can tell you with 100% confidence that this is what are FDA and DEA are doing.


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