Germany Searching for Drug Experts to Assist in Medical Marijuana Distribution

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Germany is searching for drug experts to form a distribution agency as the country seeks to implement its new medical marijuana law

Today, more research is being conducted on the potential health benefits of marijuana than ever before.

With a large percentage of studies producing mostly positive results, many jurisdictions have legalized medicinal marijuana and more are moving towards the same direction.

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According to recent reports, Germany is already moving forward in providing marijuana treatment options to patients following their landmark decision in January to legalize medicinal marijuana.

At the moment, the German government is in the search for qualified drug experts to help in the distribution of medical marijuana.

This move is meant to be part of the new law’s implementation process.

The employment positions being advertised are part of a plan to create a new organization that will be responsible for the distribution and prescription of medicinal marijuana to patients in Germany.

This recruitment process is being overseen by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM).

There are several relatively strict requirements to be eligible for the positions, which do not include “drug dealing” expertise, as some sources may have insinuated.

All candidates are required to hold a university degree in a medical field or natural sciences, be fluent in English, and have considerable employment experience.

Some of the job descriptions posted indicate that BfArM is seeking assistance in dispensing medicinal marijuana, awarding cultivation licenses to legal growers and the effective transfer of marijuana within the developed distribution system, amongst other duties.

distribution of medical marijuana

The new medical marijuana law will be effective starting in March 2017.

According to a report by the Associated Press, the bill in question was approved unanimously by the lower house of the German parliament.

Desutsche Welle documented that certain parties contributed to the passing of the medical marijuana bill, including German opposition parties such as the Left party and the Green, as well as lobbying by Mortler.

Some organizations including The German Hemp Association (Deutscher Hanf Verband), Schildower Circle (Schildower kreis) and the International Association for Cannabis Medicine (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Cannabis als Medizin) were also influential in increasing awareness of the medical aspects of marijuana in the German political domain.

The bill will enable eligible patients to obtain medical marijuana from a local pharmacy following prescription by a doctor.

For German patients to purchase medical marijuana in the past, they had to pass through a long application process that may take more than 8 months.

Since all marijuana use was prohibited, they had to provide proof to government officials indicating why they should be exempted from German marijuana laws.

It is important to note that only around 1,000 patients had been eligible for this exception to the marijuana laws in Germany.

The first legal grant to use medical marijuana in Germany was granted in 2009 to Lars Scheimann, a patient suffering from Tourette’s syndrome.

Evidently, a change in the marijuana laws had been long due for many other German patients afflicted with debilitating medical conditions.

The law will also lead to the reduction of the cost of marijuana treatment for the eligible patients according to projections.

An average patient in Germany uses 1.8 grams of medical marijuana a day.

For the current number of eligible patients, this equates to 591 kilograms per year.

However, an increase in demand is to be expected once this new law is fully implemented.

Naturally, the cost should be reduced as a result.

Germany has taken some extra steps to ensure that the implementation of the new law is not delayed.

The country has closed deals with Canadian companies including Canopy Growth, Tweed, and Tilray.

The companies will provide the German market with medicinal marijuana as the country looks to develop sustainable production.

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