Blanket Ban On Legal Highs In The UK Begins

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In the UK, a blanket ban has been enforced on legal highs in May 2016.

As such, a person involved in the production or supply of psychoactive substances could be put behind bars for up to 7 years.

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According to critics, the new legislation could drive the drugs underground into the hands of criminals and make their consumption extremely dangerous.

The new law vests a great deal of power on the police to search people, vehicles, and premises and seize and destroy psychoactive substances.

However, possession of drugs by individuals will not be treated as a criminal offense.

The spokesperson for Transform, a drugs think-tank, reportedly told The Guardian that politicians may claim laurels for ending shop sales of these drugs, but their online and street sales would increase and pose even more health risks.

What Are They and How Dangerous Are They

Legal highs are substances that cause the same effects as illegal drugs like cocaine, speed, and ecstasy.

However, they don’t come under the purview of anti-drug laws.

Prior to the enforcement of the new legislation, they were not covered by the Misuse of Drugs Act (1971).

This meant that these substances could be sold on high streets all over the UK or on websites in an open manner.

Legal highs cannot be sold, if they are not safe for human consumption.

However, a legal loophole allowed their sale disguised as bath salts or plant food.

One out of every five legal highs contains an illegal substance.

This makes their name a little bit misleading.

The reactions caused by legal highs cannot be predicted because they are never tested to ensure that they are suitable for human consumption.

If they are mixed with alcohol or other substances, the risks are higher and include seizures, heart problems, brain damage and mental health issues.

According to data released by National Statistics Office, as many as 76 deaths over the last decade have been linked to legal highs.

The New Legislation on Legal Highs

374802-legal-highs-drugs-nps-novel-psychoactive-substances-seized-by-city-of-edinburgh-council-quality-newsIn the past, a substance-by-substance approach was adopted to regulate legal highs.

Substances such as meow meow (mephedrone), GBL and BZP were banned.

However, new versions were introduced into the market even before the government could prohibit them.

All substances, meant for human consumption, capable of causing psychoactive effect are covered by the new legislation.

As the new law enforces a blanket ban on all of the legal highs, alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco have been apparently exempted.

Karen Bradley, Home Office minister, said that legal highs are not legal, as per the new legislation, and they are not safe.

Therefore, the sale of such substances would not be allowed in the country.

However, some politicians, health professionals, the police, and government advisors have widely criticized the new legislation.

They are of the opinion that the blanket ban could lead to an increase in criminal offenses and deaths.

The New Scientist termed it as one of the most stupid, dangerous and unscientific legislations to have ever been conceived.

Edmund Smyth, a criminal lawyer, expressed doubt as regards the ability of the police department to enforce the law effectively as its resources have already been stretched.

According to him, it could also lead to unintended consequences.

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  1. I think that apvp should be legal there absolutely no known harmful effects to humans so there for what is the big deal

  2. Anonymous

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  3. Anyone reading this and using “k2”, “spice”, or whatever “not for human consumption herbal incense” you are, please head my words. I live in the u.s. and only bought from u.s. based sellers. I used this stuff for years but not anymore since it shut my kidneys down and sent me to the icu for a week. I had dialysis for two months and thankfully they came back on but still aren’t perfect. Had it not been for someone trying to return my dog that had gotten out I would have remained unconscious on the floor convulsing and died.

    DO NOT use this stuff, aside from the black soot it fills your lungs with (I coughed that up a LOT) it WILL kill you. If you use it and it’s killing your kidneys signs are, weight gain, not being able to take as deep a breath and hold it as normal, feeling swollen, feeling like you need to throw up on occasion, reduced urine output…among others. There are actually HUNDREDS of reports and many stories from ER docs saying they are seeing exactly what happened to me…I ignored them thinking these were garage batches or from some other un-reputable source…but this is not the case. Any of these will cause this. I used for 5 years straight seeing many reformulations and the worst I had was one time, back when I first started, my gallbladder stopped working for a day, causes white stool. Nothing to worry about and it never happened again. After that I never had issues. Jump 4 years later and I was using the stuff that nearly killed me for several months before I SHOULD have noticed the symptoms but I ignored it. I understand the need for relief from life events or circumstances and not being able to use a SAFE real herb (cannabis) but this stuff isn’t the answer, it’ll kill you.

    I don’t know if it’s the latest formulation of the chemical they add to the plant material but they’ve had to go through several and each has a different feel to it than the former…either way…this stuff is killing people

  4. Anonymous

    Yes, this stuff can be dangerous, but banning them won’t solve the problem, it will just make it worse.

    I do agree that this ban is unscientific, because what is psychoactive means? If I eat a lot of chocolate and my mood brightens, will it result in Nestle’s management to spend 7 years behind the bars?
    And if I eat bananas that contain 5-HTP and increases my serotonin levels and thus act as anti-depressant will they put behind the bar all banana plantation owners and the shop owners that sells bananas?


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