Ingredients Used to Manufacture DMT Seized by German Police

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German police have seized approximately one metric ton of substances used to manufacture the hallucinogenic substance DMT.

In Germany, police have seized substances used to manufacture the hallucinogen Dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

Reports suggest that the amount of DMT confiscated by authorities is approximately one metric ton.

The incident happened in Gummersbach, a popular tourist destination site located in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

During the police operation, the suspect was able to flee the scene, but he ultimately turned himself in to local law enforcement agencies when a court in the area issued a warrant for his arrest.

It is still unclear as to how the person managed to acquire such a large volume of DMT supply. But police in the area continued carrying out investigations to establish the source and destination of the drugs, as well as any other persons involved in the operation if any.

DMT, the Hallucinogen

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DMT is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic drug used for both medical and non-medical purposes due to the effect it has on the human body. Medial uses happen only when a physician prescribes the medicine, but DMT is often consumed recreationally as well.

There are a variety of ways in which a person can consume the drug based on its physical state; among the most notable include smoking it, ingesting it by mouth or injecting the substance into the bloodstream.

The effect of the drug may vary from one person to the other but in most cases, the hallucinogenic results begin to take hold within minutes. Many describe the experience as a profound spiritual awakening of sorts. DMT as a substance is often nicknamed “The Spirit Molecule.”

Drug Laws in Germany

Drug legalization in Germany is a topic that has been in discussion for quite some time now. Nearly a decade ago, government agencies concluded that the trade of cannabis-related drug products would face a ban under federal narcotics laws.

The decision is after the relevant agencies noticed an increase in health cases leading to deaths among consumers, and thus prompted the need to take the appropriate legal steps.

Those found engaging in the trafficking of the drugs face jail sentences and hefty fines. The move is of course meant to discourage users from participating in the vice.

For the 25-year-old culprit in this scenario will likely face the same fate. Federal narcotics laws in Germany state that the possession of drugs is a criminal offense, subject to a prison sentencing of up to five years.

However, the act of using certain drugs is not mentioned as an offense since there is a possibility that some may be consuming them for medicinal purposes. After all, Germany did pass a sweeping medical marijuana law last year aimed to treat patients with serious health conditions.

Drug Abuse Among German Citizens

Despite Germany’s strict laws against drug trafficking, citizens and communities throughout the country continue to face challenges in ending drug abuse and fatal overdoes.

On an annual basis, the number of German citizens dying from drug-related issues continues to grow. However, the blame is shifted to the government who are accused of diverting resources to other initiatives and leaving the police with very little to combat the problem.

Selling Drugs
On shipment of the drug, the seller does not give a specific time due to the modalities involved and the fact that there might be delays depending on the geographical location of the buyer.

But the good news is that the recent deaths cannot be compared to some decades ago where the number was more than double.

But the notable bit is that the consumption and trafficking of these illegal goods are more widespread in the sense that more people in the country are trying out a particular drug at a young age.

And for those who have exceeded a specified period, they have at least tried it out at some point in their life.

More measures such as public awareness continue to take the course. These initiatives are aimed at educating citizens about the types of drugs in existence and the dangers of each.

The German government has also set up public drug consumption centers in a bid to stop the spread of viral illnesses and infections often resulting from longtime drug abuse among citizens in close-quarter communities.

The centers are available to provide drug users with a clean environment to consume the drugs. Among the items in the facilities include clean syringes, plasters, water taps and other resources.

Consumption centers are available in North Rhine-Westphalia, as drug abuse is common in the state.

Hallucinogen DMT on the Dark Web

The drug is up for sale on the dark web, and a simple spot check indicates that one can easily purchase it from one of the world’s biggest darknet sites, Dream Market.

Below is a screenshot from Dream Market showing a vendor page offering the sale of the drug. The seller is very protective of the substance and states the advantages of using the product.

Dark web vendors are very clear that one should read their terms and conditions before placing an order. This is an essential factor as it prevents any disputes if a good or service is not sold as stated.

The vendor, in this case, offers a real-life anecdote about DMT, referring to his wife who uses the drug to cope with a disease.

On shipment of the drug, the seller does not give a specific time due to the modalities involved and the fact that there might be delays depending on the geographical location of the buyer.

Due to the fact that some counties have outlawed such products, some buyers may never receive the goods, and if they do, then there is a high possibility they’re being investigated by customs personnel and local law enforcement.



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