Florida Trio Arrested for Allegedly Distributing Drugs over the Dark Web

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Authorities in Ormond Beach, Florida have arrested three suspects allegedly engaged in narcotics distribution via the dark web.

The Narcotics Task Force in Volusia County, Florida has made a breakthrough in their investigations into drug trafficking activity in Ormond Beach.

Late last month, authorities arrested three individuals connected to narcotics trafficking using the dark web and mail services.

The said task force was reportedly keeping an eye on 22-year-old Colton Phillips, who they arrested at his house in Daytona Beach.

The rest of the suspects, 20-year-old Halie Craycraft and Arad Radfar, also age 20, followed soon after.

Investigations into Suspects’ Activities

The investigators state that on September 21, they saw a mail carrier delivering a package to Craycraft’s home in Ormond Beach.

The mail carrier drove up to the house, took the package and then drove off to Tomoka Plaza on Nova Road to meet with Phillips.

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Following this, Craycraft then got into Phillips’ vehicle, a 2014 BMW, with the package. But when she exited the car, she did not have the package in hand.

Investigators trailed Phillips. Armed with a search warrant, they pulled him over at this driveway.

Lucky for the investigators, the search did not last long since the package they were in search of was just placed on his car’s backseat.

The package contained just over 1.5 pounds of cocaine. However, there was much more to follow.

Results of the Search Warrant

Drug trafficker holding a lot of cash on hand and use gun pushing drugs to the customer in the Drug dealing, concept about the drug problem
The Narcotics Task Force in Volusia County, Florida has made a breakthrough in their investigations into drug trafficking activity in Ormond Beach.

In Phillips’ home, the investigators found cocaine, methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, laptops, testosterone vials, marijuana, a paper containing possible passwords, as well as an unknown amount of cash.

While the investigators were searching Phillips’ house, Craycraft came in. On questioning, Craycraft informed the investigators that she was not aware that the package contained any drugs.

According to the report, investigators outline that they checked her phone and found texts between her and Phillips indicating otherwise.

She then stated that Phillips usually made payments for every package she received. The authorities arrested her for conspiracy to traffic narcotics and use of a two-way communication device to do so.

The investigators also charged Craycraft with possession of a controlled substance as well as violating probation for grand theft.

The third individual who was arrested, Arad Radfar, came into Phillips’ house. The investigators got a key from Radfar which unlocked a safe located in the house.

The alleged safe contained several other drugs including marijuana, methamphetamine, not to mention slightly less than one gram of cocaine. Moreover, the safe also included a digital scale as well as a vial of testosterone.

Radfar is also facing charges of possession of cocaine, possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

He is also set to face charges of conspiracy to traffic as well as trafficking methamphetamine.

Later, the report says that Radfar admitted to purchasing narcotics from Phillips.

What’s Next for the Suspects?

Phillips is currently out on a bond while the authorities are holding the other suspect, Craycraft, without bond. As for Radfar, he is currently still behind bars with his bail set at $150,000.

The arrest report also outlines that Phillips admitted to the investigators of having paid Craycraft a figure below $100 for each package delivered.

He also admitted to them that he sold narcotics to Radfar, who subsequently sold them on the dark web.

Phillips’ defense attorney, Aaron Delgado, submitted a written “Not Guilty” plea on behalf of his client.

In a statement to local media, Delgado said that the charges against his client were particularly devastating both to his family and friends.

According to him, this is so since the arrest of Phillips caught them by surprise and are still shaken by the distinct accusations against him that seem out of character.

Furthermore, Delgado also outlined that Phillips together with his family is continually and hastily working to address this issue as well as rectify any underlying concerns which may have led to the turn of events.

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