Ecstacy On The Comeback Trail

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The recent death incident at Sunset Music Festival, allegedly caused by drugs, has heightened the drug stigma associated with dance and music gatherings though the partygoers are not the only ones to use substances like ecstasy.

The five key takeaways from the European Drug Report 2016 published by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), a decentralized agency of European Union (EU) that summarizes trends and developments related to drugs regarding use, policy and public health across member states are listed below:

Your TOR usage is being watched

Ecstasy is staging a strong comeback

Ecstasy is getting to be popular once again. The use of ecstasy has been declining till recently after peaking up in the mid-2000s.
As many as 2.1 million youngsters in the age group of 15 to 34 years said that they used ecstasy last year, which is 300,000 more than what was reported in 2015.

Ecstasy was being used more in house parties and bars in many countries; the substance transcended the dancing and drinking environment.

According to researchers, ecstasy is being used more and stronger than before, and it indicates its producers’ strategy to improve people’s perception about the drug as ecstasy use had declined over the years because of poor quality and adulteration.

Reports published in the past years also suggested that a many of the ecstasy tablets sold in Europe either had MDMA in low amounts or none at all.

One out of four Europeans has used illegal substances

More than 88 million Europeans in the age group of 15 to 64 years have used drugs such as ecstasy sometime during their lives.

The year before, the estimated users were 78.9 million. In this year’s report, the number of male and female users is 54.3 million and 34.8 million, respectively.

Most popular drug, also the most-seized substance, is weed

Out of the one million drug seizures that are reported every year, most of the seized quantities are small, and cannabis (not ecstasy) accounts for over three-fourth of these seizures in the continent of Europe, mainly because of its popularity.

Cocaine is more popular in the UK

Among the people surveyed in the UK, the most popular stimulant was cocaine as 3.6 adults in the age group of 15 to 34 years used this drug in the year before.

This amounts to a 50 percent increase from the estimated 2.4 million users in the previous report.

Authorities are catching up with technological developments

The shutdown of the Silk Road, the first online seller of drugs, diverted the attention of the law enforcement authorities to darknet markets.

Providers of such services often implement high-tech strategies so as to ensure that all transactions remain virtually untraceable and anonymous.

Though, the darknet markets account for only a small part of the total drug trade, according to the report, the realization that technological development is being made use of for drug trade is troubling.

.Further, the potential for expansion of online drug trade continues to exist.

Ultimately, the report highlights the fact that the drug problem faced by Europe is becoming increasingly more complex and stimulants, misused medicines, new psychoactive substances, and cannabis have a greater part to play.

Also, the report reminds that some of the past problems continue to remain even though the policy and practice challenges posed by them are a little different.

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  1. Fatty

    Almost everyone I hung out with in the 2000’s peak that you speak of is doing quite ok. Any drug problems or addiction they are struggling with has nothing to do with the MDMA they took at raves. There are always going to have a casualty here and there, but even those asshat friends who spend the whole night talking about the percentage of Molly they feel at one point ALL NIGHT LONG, find they are addicted to the E. So are we back to the old school freakouts of ten years ago with the attitude on drugs? If that is your approach, find another cause. There is strong evidence that you will be entertaining fear addicts while users are locked away and others die because of the consequences of the war on drugs.

    Oh and cops go after the techno means because its safer (usually) and it’s more fun and different than an all night stake out of a crack house.

  2. mick cavanagh

    i partied hard from about 1992 / 1999 the X we used to get then was top class especially in the early days when you knew you were getting the real deal but near the end of my partying days just before 2000 there was so much money to be made by our old friends the UNSCRUPULOUS DRUG DEALERS within a few days of a good E tab being released there were thousands of copies being made, case in point Mitsubishi’s at ALL raves festivals etc there should be a place where you can get your tab tested an then know almost straight away what you are going to take this of course someone taking their first E having a serious allergic reaction to it but it will offer an insight into what we are willing to put into our bodies


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