Davenport Police Arrest Man for Allegedly Peddling Methamphetamine

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The policeman keeps a package of drugs found in the car.
One of the most notorious drug peddlers from Davenport, Iowa is arrested again on possession of methamphetamine.

One of the most known notorious drug peddlers from Davenport, Iowa has been arrested again for possession of methamphetamine.

The Davenport Police Department has identified the man as 41-year-oldEric James Newman. For some time, he has been on the watch list of local law enforcement authorities for other offenses.

But at the time of the arrest, he wason parole under the grounds that he had exhibited good behavior since September.

The Tactical Operations Bureauteam at the Davenport Police Department had been investigating methamphetamine distributionamong local residents, and it was after a long and intensive investigation that they were led to Newman’s house.

According to the police agents involved, the drug criminal was found in possession of crystal methamphetamine, which appears like fragments of glass or shiny, bluish-white rocks.

Users can consume the drug either through smoking it, swallowing it as a pill, or injecting it as a powder that has been dissolved in water or even alcohol.

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The drug is said to affect a natural chemical found in the brain known as dopamine. This compound is directly involved in body movement, personal motivation and pleasure.

Methamphetamine can release high levels of dopamine into the brain,which later causes the euphoric response among users of the drug. This feeling is precisely what many people who use this drug are seeking to experience.

The same drug is known to have short-term effects on the user’s body, including decreased appetite, fast breathing, irregular heartbeat, increased body temperature and high blood pressure.

For these reasons, law enforcement authorities are formulating laws and initiatives to mitigate drug dealers from disseminatingcrystal methamphetamine among their communities.

Younger populationsare particularly vulnerable to start using the drug, oblivious of the danger lurking around them.

According to a report given by the Davenport Tactical Operations Bureau officers, Newman has been distributing different types of hard drugs. The drugs list that the defendant is said to be distributing included both meth and cocaine, among others.

The law enforcement agents have been watching all the activities of the criminal closely to gather enough concrete evidence to charge him with his crimes.

It would also provide law enforcement with the chance to bring down a more massive ring of peddlers in the city who are connected with the distribution of crystal meth.

According to reports, the officers observed a man who was believed to be carrying methamphetamine. The said man then entered the house belonging to Newman, and later he was seen leaving the residence after a few minutes.

The tactical agent team stopped the man for a quick and thorough search to find out if he was in possession of methamphetamine. On searching him, he was found with 8.7 grams of the suspected drug.

The police officers then arrested the man for being in possession of crystal methamphetamine. He was taken in for further questioning to assist the tactical agents to get precise information regarding their primary suspect, Eric Newman.

After gathering enough information and evidence regarding the suspect, the police officers went to Newman’s residence to search for the drug. Ultimately, the police officers seized more than 100 grams of crystal methamphetamine.

And on further search of the residence, officers found a digital weighing scale machine used to measure to precision for the drug. They also came across materials suspected to be used in the packaging of methamphetamine.

Drug addict man using narcotics or drugs on street.
Davenport Police Department successfully brought down one of the most notorious drug peddlers in the city.

Newman was also caught with a significant amount of cash with him, totaling over $3,000.

This did confirm their fears that Newman was distributing methamphetamine.

Later, a lab test was conducted so officers could find out if Newman had been consuming the drug himself. As expected, he tested positive for methamphetamine.

After all this, the police had gathered enough concrete evidence they could use to file a case against Newman. To their surprise, Newmanaccepted all of the charges without any defiance.

On further questioning, Newman admitted in front of the officers that in the past one month, he had bought more than one pound of crystal methamphetamine.

He also confessed to selling more than seven grams of crystal methamphetamine to the man arrested while leaving his residence earlier.

After compiling Newman’s case, the police officer filed a case against the drug criminal. According to the law, Newman is to be charged with intent to distribute methamphetamine which ranges between 5grams to 5 kilograms.

According to the case, the charge is classified as a class B felony, which is likely to come with a prison sentence up to 25 years. He is also charged with class C and D felony under Iowa law, which varies in imprisonment duration.

In all, the Davenport Police Department successfully brought down one of the most notorious drug peddlers in the city. Although Newman is in the hands of the police, it’s quite possible that his accomplices will continue with the business even if he is in prison.

Newman has been known to the police since 2005. Over the years, he has carried out several illegal drugs-related activities, including trafficking in a significant amount of cocaine.

For now, Newman is being held in the Scott County Jail on a$100,000 bond. The police officers have also notified the court to act and revoke the parole and any other privileges that Newman was enjoying before he was arrested.

Proper arrangement for the hearing of the case is underway, and it is scheduled to be done by December 28. This is to be held in the Scott County district court.



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