Germany Reports Increased Cases of Darknet-Sourced Drug Crimes

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Heroin consignments.
Germany notes an increase of darknet drug trafficking and drug-related crimes for seven consecutive years.

Germany is facing a drastic increase in drug trafficking and drug-related crimes.

According to the German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (or BKA), cases of darknet-sourced drug crimes in the country are on the rise for seven consecutive years now.

The head of BKA, Holger Münch, revealed that in 2017 alone, nearly 330,600 cases of drug crime were recorded.

According to him, the rise of online drug crime, particularly on the dark web, had made access to illegal substances much easier.

As the barriers to entering the darknet markets are quite low, people’s desires to experiment with drugs has become much easier and thus feasible.

Münch referred to this problem as a basis for a lucrative business which, as he pointed out, will remain the main focus for BKA and the cyber analysts.

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Most Drug Crimes Were Linked to Cannabis

Cannabis is the leader when it comes to drug-related crimes. The latest statistics show that in Germany, roughly 60 percent of these crimes were linked to this illicit drug.

Considering the attempts of legalizing cannabis and the fact that is a low-risk drug, this is not Germany’s biggest concern currently.

As a matter of fact, although there was an increase of nearly 12 percent in cannabis-related cases from 2016, cocaine witnessed an even higher increase at 18 percent.

Law enforcement officials in Hamburg confiscated more than 3 tons of cocaine at the beginning of 2017.

Moreover, cases involving heroin, methamphetamine, and amphetamine also increased last year.

Weapons Purchased on the Dark Web

Weapon, knife and spilled cocaine on the floor.
Germany is facing a drastic increase of drug trafficking and drug-related crimes. According to the German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (or BKA), cases of darknet-sourced drug crimes in the country are on the rise for seven consecutive years now.

The dark web’s influence on the crime rate in this country has become much stronger over time.

Besides drug-related crimes, Germany’s fight against cybercrime has been considerable in reach.

The BKA has led more than 600 investigations into darknet markets.

The unregulated weapons’ market continues to be one of the biggest threats to this EU country, causing repercussions in the fight against darknet crime.

Attention to this problem was drawn after an incident that happened in July 2017, when a gunman killed and injured several people using a weapon illegally purchased from a darknet market.

The shooter was an 18-year-old German and the killing spree, which took place in Munich, resulted in nine people losing their lives and several others severely injured.

Ever since this wake-up call, the German police have become more aware and cautious in the fight against darknet markets.

Law Enforcement Remains Consistent in the Battle

Darknet crime has become somewhat unstoppable. Drug trading is one of the most common problems nowadays, and the law enforcement presence in Germany has massively grown.

The country even joined forces with Europe in the fight against crime on the dark web.

The so-called “EU-supported project” provided Germany with the techniques and resources needed to curb darknet crime.

The coordinated project also involved shared data, statistics, and knowledge.

This specialized taskforce intercepted large amounts of drugs and weapons that were being sold on the dark web.

In their operations, numerous people have been arrested. Investigators came to a conclusion that new vendors often misjudge the darknet and are not as organized as in the past.

Overall, authorities are persistent in creating new ways for the Special Forces teams to act.

Germany’s Federal Office of Criminal Investigation will put its focus on training “cyber cops” who can inspect such platforms in order to easily trace criminals in the future.

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