Drug Dealer In Denmark Arrested After Mistaking A Cop Car For A Taxi

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A drug dealer in possession of 1,000 rolls of marijuana accidentally jumped into a police car after mistaking it to be a taxi.

A drug peddler in Copenhagen was perhaps at the wrong place at the wrong time when he accidentally hopped into a police car thinking it was a taxi.

The event transpired when the man was in a rush to get home and hide his cargo, perhaps after acquiring it from his supplier.

Upon entering the vehicle, he came face to face with police officers who thoroughly searched him only to find 1,000 rolls of marijuana in his possession, which led to his immediate arrest. The incident occurred in an enclave in Christiania.

The police, through a Twitter post, notified the public of the event which has since caught the attention of both local and international media outlets.

They also added they were somewhat happy to receive the guest since they were even doing a crackdown on illegal drugs in the area

Marijuana, which is currently the most popular drug on the dark web, is sold depending on the quantity and concoction of the chemicals, and one can purchase it for just less than $50 to have the delivery made to their doorstep.

Your TOR usage is being watched

In cases where delivery is not possible, then special arrangements can be made between the buyer and seller where the individual purchasing the merchandise can pick it up at a specific location.

The primary purpose is to prevent authorities from knowing the exact location of the supplier in the event of a crackdown.

Some of the tactics employed by drug dealers operating on the dark web are discussed in an interview conducted by MotherBoard with a vendor known as “RainDuck,” who previously operated on Evolution Market.

As much as RainDuck opens up on some issues, he refuses to reveal information on specific modes of operation as it may compromise the way business is carried out.

Of late, due to a spike in drug-related cases, police have increased patrols to curb the vice which is negatively affecting the persons residing in the area.

Police arrest drug trafficker with handcuffs. Law and police concept.
A drug peddler in Copenhagen was perhaps at the wrong place at the wrong time when he accidentally hopped into a police car thinking it was a taxi.

The situation is quite severe that the law enforcement agencies in the area have opted to use drones, which enable them to carry out more surveillance and enhance the efficiency of operations.

Those arrested will face drug-related charges which will likely see them face jail sentences for months or even years, in extreme cases. To add, there is still the possibility of hefty fines in the process.

According to a police official in the Christiania area, more attention is drawn to the buyers as they are responsible for the increase in the demand which sees sellers deriving new tactics of trafficking the goods and, in the end, creating a headache for the law enforcement agencies involved in the case.

The police assert that buyers are much easier to track since most of them leave traces of their activities and whereabouts.

The fight against narcotics and marijuana in Christiania started years back, but the use of drones was brought about sometime in 2016 when residents of the region gave the authorities a green light to employ the use of drones for surveillance purposes.

Some governments, such as Denmark in this case, call for public participation before implementing regulations. This is essential because the law affects the lives of local residents.

In the case of Christiania, while citizens’ lives would be subjected to less privacy due to continuous monitoring by law enforcement, voters found it necessary to have the laws enforced for the sake of reducing crime.

For smooth surveillance operations, Christiania authorities have set up additional lighting and removed large stones in the enclave, which provides them quick access to surrounding areas.

The police ought to continue implementing means to lower crime rates in the area. In late 2016, a man who engaged a local police shooting was arrested and charged with the trafficking of marijuana, possessing firearms illegitimately and attempted murder.

The threat of drug trafficking in Europe has seen the intervention of the European Union in drafting reports related to the vice.

In one recent report, the EU found that Europe-based suppliers on dark web drug markets make up nearly half of all drug sales around the world.

This is quite a high figure, especially given the fact that Europe has a high number of marijuana, narcotics and cocaine users.

As such, the revenue generated from the trade runs into billions of Euros annually.

In countries such as Italy, mafia groups have managed to take over the economy by using the resources acquired from the illegal trade to infiltrate the system by placing their members in high-profile positions.

Since the members end up being very influential figures in the country, then the law enforcement agencies find it technically impossible to completely end crime.

One can say they are fighting a losing war due to the formation of organized criminal units that have built both local and international connections.

On the other hand, law enforcement agencies have participated in several efforts to crack down on avenues such as drug markets with the most famous cases being the seizure of Silk Road, Hansa and AlphaBay.

AlphaBay and Hansa are among the most prominent markets known on the dark web but with time, users are likely to see other markets facilitate the distribution of illegal drugs, thus proving that the closure of one door leads to the opening of another one.



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