Chocolate Cannabis Being Sold on the Dark Web

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Marijuana leaves on top of dark chocolate
Teenagers from the US and Europeare now ordering chocolate cannabis using the dark web, though they come with warnings of high THC levels.

Chocolates laced with strong cannabis are now being sold through the dark web, and teenagers are already ordering them.

Orders can be placed for the chocolate cannabis on the dark web and are then shipped from Europe and the United States.

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Getting High

The chocolate cannabis has warnings on it stating that it contains high levels of THC, the active chemical in marijuana that makes consumers feel the stereotypical high.

One of the sellers in London, Penn Chann, has around 1,600 followers on Facebook.

He claims that he makes such chocolate cannabis for people suffering from problems of insomnia or for those looking to use it recreationally.

He calls them “medibles” and is the one who creates them, though he is not a chef or a chocolate maker.

He started the production approximately 6 years ago while helping his mother with her sciatica problem.

Recreational Use

Teenagers are now using the medicated cannabis treats for recreational purposes.

One chocolate, for instance, is a milk chocolate – Fat Freddy’s Ganache – which has eight squares and claims that it is handmade from superior Belgian chocolate and Jersey double cream with special cannabis oil extracts.

It claims to offer 180 mg of THC with a sophisticated taste and gives the consumer a dream-like buzz.

Cannabis Close Up High Quality
Chocolates laced with strong cannabis are now being sold through the dark web, and teenagers are already ordering them

Around five hundred of these chocolate cannabis bars containing THC have been sold in the UK since March 2016.

One of the users claims that he had just two squares and was floored, saying it is a great but strong product.

THC is the chemical that causes most of the psychological reactions of marijuana.

Caution Advised

Another such one of the medicated cannabis treats is a bar made from medical cannabis grown in California.

It is shipped from the United States for a price of 10 British Pounds.

The bar contains THC, and it is offered in several flavors including vanilla, cherry chocolate, and so on.

However, the sellers advise that the chocolates must be consumed with care, as each bar has 60 mg THC in it.

First timers are warned that they should take a low dosage of only 10 mg or 20 mg of THC and go slow on it.

Moving to Online Markets

This shows the gradual movement of the drug trade from the streets to online markets.

Sellers of such drugs are upping the game by using the online drug markets thriving on the dark web.

Such sites can only be accessed using browsers like Tor, as it routes the internet traffic through many computers and several encrypted layers, so that it is difficult for law enforcement agencies to track the sellers and buyers alike.

The buyers and sellers of these medicated cannabis treats make contact with each other using encrypted email providers, such as Sigaint.

The payment is made in Bitcoin, a virtual currency that offers transactional anonymity in a deal.

Chocolate and Cannabis

Many chefs think that chocolate pairs well with cannabis because the chocolate is able to mask the hash-y flavor and because the two have the same chemicals, THC with anandamide, which affect the mood and perceptions of pain in the person.

THC is one of the most infamous ingredients in cannabis, as it brings medical benefits as well as psychoactive effects.

Anandamide is also similar to THC and offers a high to the person taking it; the combination can enhance the benefits of the two ingredients.

So, when chocolate is combined with cannabis, the person will be able to get high and also stay high for a longer period of time.

Many sellers of the chocolate cannabis in the dark web initially started selling them for replacing medications for severe pain and for those needing strong medicine.

There is also some scientific proof that both chocolate and cannabis have some healing characteristics.

However, there are many arguments against cannabis, as it is illegal in several countries.

It can have an influence on the cerebellum and could lead to a coordination loss, withdrawal symptoms, and several other medical complications.

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