Carfentanyl Drug Detected at a Brisbane Mail Centre

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Queensland police and the Australian Border Force are on high alert after carfentanyl was detected at a Brisbane mail center.

Police in Brisbane, Queensland have issued an urgent safety warning following the discovery of a lethal fentanyl analog called carfentanyl at a local mail center.

The synthetic drug is said to be approximately 10,000 times more potent than morphine, making it a deadly drug that could end a human’s life even when consumed in small doses.

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Carfentanyl, a common tranquilizer for large animals such as elephants, is extremely lethal.

As such, even as little as a 0.002mg dose could prove potent enough to kill an adult human being.

That said, carfentanyl can be ingested, injected, or absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes.

That makes carfentanyl all the more dangerous, since it can easily cause death or serious illness when touched accidentally.

Based on the party drug fentanyl, it is understandable why most people would categorize carfentanyl as a recreational drug as well.

Brisbane’s Detective Superintendent Jon Wacker, however, begs to differ.

He expressed concern on its appearance in Queensland mainly because of its recognized lethality and how easily it can be introduced into the body.

The Detective has urgently warned anyone who comes into contact with the drug to avoid direct interaction at all costs.

Carfentanyl is extremely lethal and is not something anyone should risk taking for the explicit purpose of getting high.

authorities are concerned about the dangers of carfentanyl

Powerful Sedative Carfentanyl Can be absorbed through Eyes and Skin

According to the advisory issued by Brisbane authorities, carfentanyl is as potent as a drug as it is a poison.

Whether taken intentionally or accidentally, the substance has the potential to kill.

Residents were advised to avoid any physical contact with carfentanyl if they happened to come across it.

Being a synthetic drug, carfentanyl is often sourced from China and is mostly brought into the market by recreational drug dealers, who then use it to cut other drugs.

It is mostly popular on account of its cheapness compared to other options in relation to its incredible potency.

And while this might spell profits for the dealers, it does not bode well for the users of carfentanyl or other products cut with the sedative.

Another detail that perhaps explains why the drug has not been in the headlines as much is the fact that carfentanyl is near-impossible to detect without elaborate testing of suspected substances.

Local police are fearful that the carfentanyl that was nabbed at the local mail center was not the only sample that has made it across the Queensland border.

Australian Border Force and Queensland Police Work Together

The discovery of carfentanyl has resulted in the collaboration between the Australian Border Force (ABF) and Queensland local authorities as they try to weed out the source of the drug and try to map out the pathways it took to get into the city.

This was announced by Police Minister Mark Ryan after the two departments came together to issue the warning following the discovery of the carfentanyl.

The Police Minister was also very vocal on the dangers posed by carfentanyl to the public.

Brisbane police and the ABF remain on high alert and continue to issue advisories and warn the residents to report and stay clear of the drug.

The fact that the warning was issued halfway through the investigation just goes to show how valid the dangers of carfentanyl are, and how concerned the authorities involved are about its presence in Brisbane.

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  1. Anonymous

    Do Brisbane police realize that they have just sent an advertisement to every opioid junky and two-bit dealer in Queensland that carfentanyl is available? There are tons of reasonable maintenance users, but there are also nearly suicidal crazed junkies who will salivate over the idea of the most potent opioid available. Are they that clueless or do they do it on purpose?

  2. Anonymous

    I couldn’t agree more with the comment before this. They will be ramping up production of this nice


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