$81 Million Worth of Cocaine Found on Two Beaches in England

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Police have seized over $80 million worth of cocaine after it washed ashore on two different beaches in Norfolk.

Police in Eastern England have seized approximately $81 million dollars’ worth of cocaine on February 10th in what was a curious incident.

The brightly-colored drug-packed duffel bags washed up on two different beaches in Norfolk, Eastern England before they were promptly seized by the local authorities.

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In a consequent public address, the police called out to the public to report any additional bags with cocaine found near the beaches in question.

The hundreds of kilos of cocaine were stumbled upon by a local on Hopton Beach.

They were stashed in several duffel bags and strewn across the beaches, indicating that they had been washed ashore by the high tide.

National Crime Agency Investigates the Case

Shortly after the National Crime Agency was brought in to spearhead investigations into the mysterious matter, several other small packages of cocaine were discovered near Caister.

In total, the authorities have seized an estimated 360 kilograms from all the separate incidents with a street value of $81 million (50 million Euros).

The NCA is currently focusing their investigations at the point of the first discovery near the Great Yarmouth resort, some 140 miles from London.

The first bags of cocaine were discovered late Thursday afternoon before a few more surfaced on Friday.

The NCA speculates that this could either be a foiled drug drop or the result of a panicked drug trafficker that was forced to throw the costly shipment overboard after having a close encounter with the authorities.

NCA Takes to Twitter Following the Cocaine Haul

The NCA was quite humorous on Twitter following the massive cocaine haul.

They tweeted sarcastically about the cocaine, saying that the criminals involved were free to claim them at their discretion.

The rest of their tweets bordered along taunting and humorously calling the criminals to claim their hundreds of kilograms of uncut cocaine.

According to an official from NCA’s border investigation team, the agency is now focusing on tracing the origins of the cocaine and how exactly it ended up ashore on the two Norfolk beaches.

He is, however, positive that the drugs were not meant to be on the beach at the time they were found.

Cocaine Seizure is “a Major Loss” for the Criminals Involved

The hundreds of kilos of cocaine were stumbled upon by a local on Hopton Beach.

The seizure of hundreds of kilograms of cocaine will be a severe blow to any criminal organizations involved in the incident.

The cocaine is worth millions of dollars in street value and such a large shipment could only belong to an expansive, well-organized drug trafficking entity that was in the process of shipping their cargo.

Police Superintendent Calls to the Public to Report any Bags of Cocaine

Norfolk Constabulary’s Police Superintendent Dave Buckley was hopeful that all the bags of cocaine had been retrieved.

He, however, appealed to the general public to report any washed up bags of cocaine to the authorities immediately.

He has authorized extra patrols in the area to keep an eye on the situation.

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