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There are lots of markets and independent vendors on the deep web and dark web to acquire goods and services from, but many them are scams.

If you’ve been on the deepweb, you have probably heard of the Hidden Wiki.

You may think of the site as reliable and a good place to access darkweb links to trusted vendors – but you have to know that the real scams are in sites like the Hidden Wiki.

Before we go into the subject of the instability of the Hidden Wiki, some background information about it is important.

The Hidden Wiki is a site which provides links to sites on the dark web (for stolen PayPal sites, stolen credits cards, etc.).

The site was founded in late 2011 with its promise to provide links to Deep Web websites.

In August 2013, the site was switched to being hosted on Freedom Hosting.

Your TOR usage is being watched

With Freedom Hosting having gone down later that year, the website went down with it.

That did not stop other people from making clones of the Hidden Wiki that did the same thing as the original, though.

Back to the subject of the links which The Hidden Wiki shows.

People have paid the Wiki’s administrators thousands of dollars to put their website in its directory.

Most of these people who pay for their links to be put up are usually trying to scam the people that click them.

The Hidden Wiki knows these links are scams, but they do not care because they’re getting paid.

Furthermore, they also know that they can take advantage of new users on the deep web.

New users do not know that some links are not trustworthy, leading many to lose money on these sites.

Scammers are not the only ones trying to mess with new users on the Hidden Wiki, however; law enforcement agencies are, too.

For example, there are links to websites where you can supposedly hire a hitman -every single one of these hitman sites are absolutely bogus.

Many are set up by law enforcement groups, who will proceed to arrest you should you attempt to use their advertised service.

People also set up hitman websites for $15,000 per hitman job, so that when someone pays they can take the money and run or proceed to extort the client.

Hitman jobs are not the only scams that people do.

I’ve personally checked out fake stolen credits card websites.

The websites had a very clean, professional look and vibe to them that many trustworthy stolen credits card vendors do not have.

In this case, they’ve ousted themselves by trying to appear professional – something that goes against the grain of this community.

The whole website felt like it was screaming that it was a scam.The same thing applied to the stolen PayPal account vendors and many other websites.

If, you’re getting into the business of buying things from vendors, we have a list here which will take you to trusted vendor sites that we have compiled.With the exception of the Hidden Wiki’s marketplace being a scam, the rest of the site’s content is fine, all things considered.

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If you’ve been on the deepweb, you have probably heard of the Hidden Wiki.

Every single Hidden Wiki clone are all fake and scams.

There are many other clones of the Hidden Wiki waiting to be found on the deep web, but they are usually down or ones that people don’t know about.

An example of a scam which happened pretty recently was one for Donald Trump’s assassination.

Supporters would pay money to the people in a fundraising-like format, and they said they would in turn allegedly assassinate Donald Trump.

They accepted Bitcoin for the fundraiser and the amount of money raised is unknown due to the website being shut down.

The fundraiser not only targeted Donald Trump, but it targeted Mike Pence as well.

It is believed that many people sent money for the fundraiser due to the negativity towards the Trump campaign.

Two years ago, a large darknet market by the name of‘Evolution Marketplace’connedusers and took millions of dollars’ worth of bitcoins with them in a high-profile exit scam.


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They accepted Bitcoin for the fundraiser and the amount of money raised is unknown due to the website being shut down.

The owner and administrators left with over Twelve Million dollars in bitcoin and vanished after a user confronted an administrator.


This article only covered a small amount out of the thousands of scam sites that are infesting the dark web.

Not all advertised sites area reliable place to buy things, unfortunately.



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