Anonymous Launches A New Chat Hub On Deep Web

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Anonymous proudly presented their new OnionIRC chat

Recently, Anonymous started with a tweet siren alerting its followers of an important announcement coming its way and to hold on tight.

In a few hours, the anticipated news was out in another tweet on the popular social media site. They reveal that they are now hosting a chat hub on the Deep Web.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Learn more about the deep web here

Anonymous proudly presented their new OnionIRC chat service, with battle flags raised up high against government corruption and censorship of surveillance operations.

What is its main purpose and how did the launch turn out?

The OnionIRC Network

Residing within the Deep Web is the OnionIRC network, which has been primarily designed for complete anonymity, and the Anons make their plans known to all.

Anonymous welcomes everyone concerned about their privacy and security to utilize it as a hub for their anonymous operations, use for general free speech, and for any other project.

They encourage groups who are striving to build the foundation of a strong community to make use of the network within the grounds of the Deep Web.

Anons also declare their intention to strengthen their ranks and support current internet activists and the coming generations by arming them with education.

Their plan is to make the creation of virtual classrooms possible, whereby so-called teachers will be providing lessons on varied subjects that won’t be limited to any form of knowledge, and do so following a regular scheduled.

Lessons would pertain to any number of topics including security culture, history, hacking or technical tutorials, and how to properly use anonymity software.

The Deep Web is that part of the internet Google can’t reach, which requires special protocols that allow users to remain anonymous and acquire enhanced security.

In line with promoting proper encryption and utilization of anonymity tools, Anonymous says that they do not want anyone to rely solely on their signal.

Thus, they will likewise generate thorough documentation and comprehensive instructions on creating one’s own service chat hub.

This involves the Tor network to hide it within the Deep Web and help decentralize the movement.

Welcome to Hacker School

hacker with laptop
They then plan to ultimately kick-off with awesome in-house presentations in their lessons.

Anonymous has been scoring a number of failed operations during the past year, and the announcement of the new chat service on the Deep Web seems a great opportunity to rally.

However, it’s gone off to quite a slow start.

A few hours after the siren of the upcoming announcement and the launch itself of the new chat hub, only a handful of 10 up to 20 people at a time were in the classroom.

Only about 2-4 users had some actual or real knowledge of the operation, and newbies were given an overview of hacking and explanation of various terms.

One organizer who goes by the name “butts” said in one open chat that there might not be planned lessons taught yet since things are just starting off.

They wish to see how things would go for a while and hoping to build a bit of a good user base in the meantime.

They then plan to ultimately kick-off with awesome in-house presentations in their lessons.

They’re Expecting You

Anonymous invites hackers, activists, artists, any kind of user and all internet citizens to be part of this Deep Web chat hub, and their collective effort towards defending internet security and privacy.

They further entice by leaving you with the decision to come aboard and join the battle, or walk the plank.

Anonymous says they’ve been expecting you, and if you otherwise choose to walk their path, they could really use the extra help anyone can give.

The instructions for joining the new chat hub on the Deep Web can be easily viewed online and does not require any technical expertise if you wish to get involved.

A pro-tip found on their site informs that the OnionIRC Network is not a website, but an IRC chat server.

Hence it entails the use of an IRC client to connect rather than simply get it done through a browser, and everything you need such as popular IRC chat clients, example guide, Tor network details and configurations are provided for by Anonymous.

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