7839 Awesome Deep Web Links List [Uncensored Table]

Our team has amassed one of the biggest Deep Web links list out there (listed below).

We took it one step further by checking them out so we could categorize them, record the name of the site, give a description of the site, record if it was online or offline or dead, what they sell and we even got screen shots.

One of the hardest things about the Deep Web is that it is almost impossible to search for anything as search engines do not work there, so you need resources like this to find what you are looking for.

It is estimated that 90% of all internet data and websites are hidden from search engine indexing, this area of the internet is known as the Deep Web.

Then there is another smaller sub-set of the Deep Web that consists of darknet markets, and sites about drugs, pornography, weapons, assassins, counterfeit and forgeries and hacking etc. This section is called the Dark Web

There is also a large section of it for whistle blowers to come forward and expose people, organizations and governments for wrong doings.

Your TOR usage is being watched

The Deep Web is a very colorful and diverse place. One thing is for sure though – you have to have a strong stomach if you want to browse. There are things there that once seen can’t be unseen… So thread carefully!

Just remember, you need Tor to access the links in this .onion link list and Tor alone is not as secure as you think. If you fall into the false sense of security and think you are safe from being tracked and monitored, then you are sadly mistaken.

This has been proven multiple times recently with the FBI using an American university to hijack the Tor network and catch tons of darknet market users. The FBI also hacked “Play Pen” and then used malware to identify the admin and users of the site so they could arrest them. Regardless of how fucked up sites like “Play Pen” are, it shows that the FEDS can do this to any site on the darkweb.

Attention Dark Web News readers: It should be brought to your attention that there was a recent Tor vulnerability which leaked your REAL IP address leading back to your real location. UPDATE your Tor browser immediately.

Vulnerabilities like these are happening more often now, if you already use a good VPN then you have nothing to worry about as the VPN protects you against this as it gives you a fake IP. If you don’t use a VPN then you should start, don’t wait until it is too late.


By using a good VPN along with Tor you will add an extra layer of encryption and anonymity making it virtually impossible to trace you. Using a good VPN will mean you are sharing an IP with hundreds, if not thousands of other so even if tor was cracked and the real IP found then it would be the VPN IP and they couldn’t tell who it is.

We found a good site that tests and rates VPN’s used for Tor here: https://topvpnsoftware.com/

If you are currently not on Tor browser you will need, close all your programs accessing the internet, turn your VPN on, open tor and come back here.

You can sort by any of the columns via the arrow icon or use the search box to be more precise.

Note: We do not encourage or condone any illegal activity, this is for mere educational purposes only.

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NameURLDescriptionGoods/ServicesNeed RegistrationNeed InviteStatusCategory
@http://boychtx3vcdxsiry.onion/This is some blink website say "@" this is some test-noNoOnlineUncategorized
#1 Dream Markethttp://6khhxwj7viwe5xjm.onion/Dream Market is Marketplace for Drugs, Digital Goods and Other Services.Drugs, Digital GoodsYesNoOnlineMarketplace Drugs
#2 Silk Road 3http://silkroad7rn2puhj.onion/Silk Road 3 is the DarkNet's most resillent Marketplace. Products are sorted in categories. They sell Cannabis, Stimulants, Ecstasy, Opioids, Benzos, Dissociatives, Psychedelic, Prescription, and Other products.Drugs, WeaponsYesNoOnlineMarketplace Drugs
#3 Valhallahttp://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion/Valhalla is marketplace for Drugs sorted in categories. There are a lot of Cannabis, Stimulants, Empathogens, Psychedelics, Opiates, Pharmacy, Dissociatives and Depressants.DrugsYesNoOnlineMarketplace Drugs
#4 Point / Tochka Free Markethttp://tochka3evlj3sxdv.onionTochka is dark market shipping to all countries. Drugs and other categories are sorted in categories.Drugs, Digital GoodsYesNoOnlineMarketplace Drugs
#5 WallStreet Markethttp://wallstyizjhkrvmj.onionWallStreet Market is one of the newest markets on the darknet and it particularly specializes in digital goods.Drugs, Digital GoodsYesNoOnlineMarketplace Drugs
$$$http://2jv5rmgnmze5l6i4.onion/Only old users have access to join this website for cash-YesYesOnlineUncategorized
$$$http://2jv5r7k66ralyk3g.onion/Only old users have access to join this website for cash-YesYesOnlineUncategorized
$$$http://2jv5rmgnmze5l6i4.onion$$$ is Invite only website, only old users have access to join or invite you.-YesYesOnlineUncategorized
$$$http://2jv5r7k66ralyk3g.onion$$$ is Invite only website, only old users have access to join or invite you.-YesYesOnlineUncategorized
0day Forumhttp://qzbkwswfv5k2oj5d.onionForum about hacking, marketplace for Accounts,Security Services. Tutorials and Payment Systems too.-yesnoOnlineHacking
0day Forumhttp://qzbkwswfv5k2oj5d.onionThis is hidden forum with more then 37.000 posts by 20.000 members. You can read for any hidden topic and discuss for any topic. There are a lot of Tutorials, Marketplace dicsuss. Hacking etc.DiscussionsYesNoOnlineForums
1 Cent PM Casinohttp://cxpizstpfzlljfng.onion1 Cent PM Casino is casino for bet online, you can play Poker, Roulette, Slots, Baccarat etc.Play Casino GamesYesNoOnlineMedia
1 Cent PM Casinohttp://cpqegydlt7khvcx4.onion1 Cent PM Casino is casino for bet online, you can play Poker, Roulette, Slots, Baccarat etc.Play Casino GamesYesNoOnlineMedia
1 Cent Roulettehttp://ycfgjwbfhnqvtclm.onion1 Cent Roulette is casino for betting online, you can play Poker, Roulette, Slots, Baccarat etc.Play Casino GamesYesNoOnlineMedia
1000777comhttp://truth77k52rbo3ov.onionThis site is dedicated to Truthseekers. It's main purpose is to lead seekers on to a MUCH more brighter source of information, and to help shed some light to a great deal of things happening in this very mad world.Free PressYesNoOnlineMedia
100x Bitcoinhttp://rjuvjyygjqm6mlqm.onion100x Bitcoin, invest and cash back in 24hours 100x. This site work with some codes and bugs they say.BitcoinnonoOnlineCrypto Currency
100x Bitcoinhttp://hfixt6vwtecvnz4f.onionBitcoin mixer for 100x your Bitcoins in just 24hours. You can " Pay 0.01 BTC today, get 1 BTC tomorrow "Bitcoin MixerNoNoOnlineCrypto Currency
100x Bitcoinhttp://e4gsrcysdyxlzjur.onionBitcoin mixer for 100x your Bitcoins in just 24hours. You can " Pay 0.01 BTC today, get 1 BTC tomorrow "Bitcoin MixerNoNoOnlineCrypto Currency
100x Bitcoinhttp://dsn5f5jencut5owx.onionBitcoin mixer for 100x your Bitcoins in just 24hours. You can " Pay 0.01 BTC today, get 1 BTC tomorrow "Bitcoin MixerNoNoOnlineCrypto Currency
100x Bitcoinhttp://ctny7rdyl2vfaf66.onionBitcoin mixer for 100x your Bitcoins in just 24hours. You can " Pay 0.01 BTC today, get 1 BTC tomorrow "Bitcoin MixerNoNoOnlineCrypto Currency
100x Your Coinshttp://itorshop5fhthjil.onionBitcoin mixer for 100x your Bitcoins in just 24hours. You can " Pay 0.01 BTC today, get 1 BTC tomorrow "Bitcoin MixerNoNoOnlineCrypto Currency
100x Your Coinshttp://rjuvjyygjqm6mlqm.onionBitcoin mixer for 100x your Bitcoins in just 24hours. You can " Pay 0.01 BTC today, get 1 BTC tomorrow "Bitcoin MixerNoNoOnlineCrypto Currency
100x Your Coinshttp://ufxa64dzsqrewny7.onionBitcoin mixer for 100x your Bitcoins in just 24hours. You can " Pay 0.01 BTC today, get 1 BTC tomorrow "Bitcoin MixerNoNoOnlineCrypto Currency
100x Your Coinshttp://hjn32r3wtmyqoauy.onionBitcoin mixer for 100x your Bitcoins in just 24hours. You can " Pay 0.01 BTC today, get 1 BTC tomorrow "Bitcoin MixerNoNoOnlineCrypto Currency
100x Your Coinshttp://fohzkg7hvi6phkkg.onionBitcoin mixer for 100x your Bitcoins in just 24hours. You can " Pay 0.01 BTC today, get 1 BTC tomorrow "Bitcoin MixerNoNoOnlineCrypto Currency
100x Your Coinshttp://btcxxlkiey6cfa4y.onionBitcoin mixer for 100x your Bitcoins in just 24hours. You can " Pay 0.01 BTC today, get 1 BTC tomorrow "Bitcoin MixerNoNoOnlineCrypto Currency
100x Your Coinshttp://btcmultinjb4mlgh.onionBitcoin mixer for 100x your Bitcoins in just 24hours. You can " Pay 0.01 BTC today, get 1 BTC tomorrow "Bitcoin MixerNoNoOnlineCrypto Currency
100x Your Coinshttp://btcmulti7le6gzwj.onionBitcoin mixer for 100x your Bitcoins in just 24hours. You can " Pay 0.01 BTC today, get 1 BTC tomorrow "Bitcoin MixerNoNoOnlineCrypto Currency
100x Your Coinshttp://btcmulrgmscatziv.onionBitcoin mixer for 100x your Bitcoins in just 24hours. You can " Pay 0.01 BTC today, get 1 BTC tomorrow "Bitcoin MixerNoNoOnlineCrypto Currency
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More Information:

Tor Browser is absolutely free, and is actually an older version of Firefox with slightly modified source code in order to open Deep Web links.

Tor Browser operates on Tor network comprised of volunteer-run servers, or routers. It is Tor network that enables hidden services such as Darknet Markets and other even more… well, sinister websites.

The way it works is that Tor Browser connects directly to Tor network; your connection is bounced off three different random routers before it finally reaches its destination. During that time, your IP and the data you are sending are encrypted. This is the way Tor protects you – by making you almost anonymous.

Deep Web links are easy to recognize; they have 16 alpha-semi-numeric hashes ending with .onion, where .onion is not a domain, but a proxy server that redirects Tor Browser to a hidden internet address.

So, since Deep Web links are not visible by search engines, the only way to access them is to obtain the actual URL and enter it into the address bar.

There are many lists and directories that contain various Deep Web links and it is highly probable that many URLs from these lists are dead or broken, which is due to instability of the Deep Web in general – it’s an eternal target of the authorities. However, our list is up to date and current.

As you can see, a lot of the websites are illegal, or are selling something illegal, like drugs, guns, porn, counterfeits – IDs and currencies; even illegal services are also offered such as hacking, identity theft and assassinations.

It is definitely not our intention to lead you on this path; but if you think you’ve got stomach… we wish you happy and interesting browsing!

Write for us


The articles and content found on Dark Web News are for general information purposes only and are not intended to solicit illegal activity or constitute legal advice. Using drugs is harmful to your health and can cause serious problems including death and imprisonment, and any treatment should not be undertaken without medical supervision.


  1. Anonymous

    That really is a big list

    • Bob

      But they are all dead!

      • Anonymous

        If you read the text before the first table on this page then you will know that all of the deep web sites need to be accessed in special way. You cannot access these websites using your normal internet.

        • Anonymous

          Yes but all these sites are no longer online

          • Anonymous

            That is incorrect man. ALL sites are not offline. Some are some are not. Why would you say something without checking?

        • Anonymous

          What kind of “special way” to access these deep web. I have already the Orfox but so far don’t have VPN. Still cannot be accessed any site. It just directed me to Drupal. Any help?

          • Anonymous

            You need T.O.R (the onion router) it’s a seperate web browser. it’s also a modified version of firefox.

          • Anonymous

            Install orbot VPN

          • Anonymous

            install orbot VPM

          • Anonymous

            Get ORBOT as well,you can set up a Vpn

          • Anonymous

            Use psiphon

          • Anonymous

            If you download orbot you can get a free vpn (but remember its free so it is not 100% safe). Secondly as of this morning i have accessed well over a dozen of these links using orfox…they are not ALL dead.

          • Anonymous

            U have to download orbot too VPN

        • Anonymous

          I am using tor …..and most of the sites are not online ..i’ve checked them….and vpn gives you an unknown but specific ip….where as tor gives you multiple ips

        • Anonymous

          What is the special way

        • Anonymous

          What do you mean by “special way”? Isn’t this TOR enough for accessing?
          Anyway, would you give us some help if you know? Please

        • Anonymous

          Is dream market sill active

          • Anonymous

            Small info..
            if useful use it.
            Dont buy or trade with dream weavers (listed in the hidden wiki) for financial services , they cheat you

      • Anonymous

        They are not all dead.. Are you an internet noob or something? Sorry but I have tested them and they are not all dead.. Try doing research skid.

        • Anonymous

          before you come at someone and call them out for using public scripts i advise that you look into someones dying eyes as they do as you told them and kill themselves. it is people like you who get RATs from downloading chilporn

        • Anonymous

          Calm down

      • Anonymous

        How do you KNOW??

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    • Anonymous

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  2. melissa

    how can i access this website ?

    • Anonymous

      Again you have to down load what is needed and isp address that you will be encrypted, then you can search it doesn’t use a search engine as such like google or Bing retread the script

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  3. Anonymous

    I get that u need it but like what app do i download that down cost money cause onion does i need one please

    • AM

      U download a strong VPN that hides your IP address

  4. Anonymous

    Onion does not cost money download tour . It’s a browser then just start typing in key search words such as onion links … Just browse . You’ll stumble across stuff . But you can not find those websites with out the tor web browser . Google and Bing or yahoo will not lead you to hidden websites

    • Anonymous

      what u thinking about tor ?

      is tor provides u that much of anonymity that u are supposing ??

    • Anonymous

      On mobile, orfox and robot

      • Anonymous


  5. So I reed what you said so to find the Deep web needs link like FireFox ?

    • Anonymous

      you need tor browser dude, just go to the official site. if you wanna stay 100% anonymous, download a vpn. good luck man

  6. Anonymous

    I’m using a phone right now and I’m on it ATM haven’t seen any fucked up sites today but u never know on the dark web…

  7. nice try

    this whole thing is very confusing to me I want to check out the deep and dark web but I think I’m having difficulties

  8. dan

    Does office work as a browser ?

    • Anonymous

      yeah but u still have to get a tor brower that allowes connections to .onion servers so no office doesnt work srry

  9. Anonymous

    Hey guys thanks for this list ive always wondered what the deep and dark web was and now i know sounds legit 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    So any search engine except yahoo ,google etc?

    • Anonymous

      lmfao did you read ?

    • Anonymous

      Are you “Anonymous”, the hacking group.

  11. Anonymous

    You guys are all Re…ad the article. (see what i did there?;) The browser itself is called Tor. Search engines such as Google don’t exist there. So copy paste the urls.
    Or look for deep web urls
    Safari Chrome etc doesn’t allow you to get into these websites. The fact that it Is the Dark Web is obvious it won’t be that easy as googling the websites itself… duh

  12. Anonymous

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    How do you set up tor on a mobile phone.

    • Anonymous

      Download Tor for android

    • Anonymous

      On Android go to the app store n get orbot n orfox app….Ur good to go then

    • Anonymous

      download V.P.N (PAID IS BEST) But there are loads of free one.
      then download proxydroid apk from google (this is your choice )
      then google store orbot/tor

    • Anonymous

      Download tor from its official website together with a strong VPN

  17. anonymous

    Link is dead.

  18. Anonymous North Texas

    Oh my Gawd. Read the goddamn article and the goddamn comments before asking a fucking question.

    Dear Admin,

    You poor bastard. Gets me right in the feels.

    • Anonymous


  19. Anonymous

    What if your phone want allow you to have a root app

    • Zoie

      Wow people read !!! U CANNOT use your phone has to be on YOUR PC not your phone not a tablet nothing you download the VPN then the TOR then put in the link. People this is not that hard to understand

      • Anonymous

        You say a pc computer only or can a mac be used as well?

      • Anonymous

        ive accessed the darkkk web threw my phone multiple times.

      • Anonymous

        you can use tor on your mobile device.. i have done it multiple times as well

    • Anonymous

      Mobilephones work, but not fearly as well as a stron PC With A very good firewall and a Very Stron V.P.N or Better Multiple ones, but its your choice, so if u want to be hacked use ur unsecured Phone

  20. Anonymous

    Wait you can’t do it on your phone?

    • Anonymous

      Download Tor for Android version

  21. Anonymous

    My phone allows me to access lmao

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    • Anonymous

      Haha they are delinquents lmao shouldn’t be here or they are rookies lmao

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      Lmao!!! Like they don’t want to read or something…

  23. Anonymous

    ctos friendly. read instructions and obey . some lost too much in deep to dark.w.

  24. Anonymous

    What if i wanted to get free stuff like videogames how should i possibly type that?

  25. Anonymous

    Actually can use phone with orbot and orfox but I wouldn’t trust it.
    To people not knowing how… read a LOT about security, like the Jolly Roger pdf before trying to do anything on DW. You need to understand how it works OR you may find yourself in a shit load of trouble with LE… or no telling what else….. according to what you do on there.

    • Anonymous

      How does it work?

  26. Anonymous

    To add to my last post… INSTRUCTIONS AND INFO…. go to the home page of this site and look at FAQ.. and read it.

  27. Anonymous

    “FBI hacked “playpen””…. I read yesterday in a UK paper that FBI actually ran it to entrap people but maybe mistaken, maybe it was another big one (not familiar with pedo sites!!)… anyway I do know it said FBI ran 23 child porn sites… each for weeks on DW and busted people who didn’t know how to properly conduct business anonymously.

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    How tf do I get to these fuckin drug sites bc they are all dead

    • Anonymous

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  32. Anonymous

    Is there any tutorial how to navigate through deep web? I’d like to reach scientific information that are possibly not visible in surface web (algorthms, machine learning etc.). Thx

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    So uneducated it does not make sense. This deep or dark web u speak of ppl on it everyday u dont notice. Open ur eyes u on this site and that site searching video games but the way u type words in signal u looking for something else an not video games lol good luck kiddos

    • Anonymous

      The “clear web” is anything that can be accessed via search engines like Google (for example, this site), and the “deep web” is any site that you can access in your web browser but not through Google due to needing various passwords (for example, a private Facebook profile). This page is about the “dark web”, which is every page created to only be accessible through Tor.

  43. Anonymous

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  44. Anonymous

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  52. Anonymous

    For all of you people that are dazed and confused, go to the table listed as “Online Deep Web Links”, choose a category from the left hand column and click on it. Now you can scroll right and left to see more sites and descriptions than you’ll ever have time to read.

  53. Anonymous

    are those paypal selling websites are real?

  54. Anonymous

    You need a computer for this ?

  55. Anonymous

    I find it interesting you are advertising that this page has over 8000 links, when it fact it is not even close.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, only about 5% of them work. And no porn!

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    First, if you’re not smart enough to follow the instructions in the article, then you’re not smart enough to be on the Dark Web. The Dark Web is for people who know how to not say the wrong thing, and do what they’re told. If you can’t follow the simple instructions in this article, then you’re going to be flagged by the authorities quickly. The owner of Silk Road made some simple mistakes that cost him his freedom and he knew a lot more than you do (newbies). For those complaining about bad links. This happens in the Dark Web, servers go down, they often don’t have redundancy. Click on another link. If you’re not using Tor and VPN, then don’t complain about broken links, go to google and search there for what you’re looking for.

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    Hello forum,

    If you need a way to access the dark web, download the TAILS (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) operating system on a USB drive (Link below). Using this operating system allows you access to the TOR Browser automatically and you DO NOT have to use a VPN. Actually, it would be more dangerous to use a VPN with this operating system. I am currently posting this reply through this system and it’s totally awesome. I’m currently in another continent through the IP spoofing process. Note that it’s dangerous to be on the dark web depending upon where you go and if you have no idea what you’re doing, I would recommend doing research first like I did. If you’re a beginer and downloaded the TAILS OS, visit “******.onion” and look a the links in the directory. BE CAREFUL WHICH ONES YOU CHOOSE. Ones like drugs, guns, child porn (cp), and gore are obvious no-nos. You can’t just “Google” information you have to look at directories to find most sites. Many require logins and if you download something or anything, you are putting yourself at risk. No everyone is bad out there but many are hostile. I’ve run into a few bad people in the weeks I’ve been out there. Reply to this message if you need more help I’d love to help people see what it’s really like out there.

    Good hunting,


    • Anonymous

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      Hi i need help w the process. Totally new to this so what r the first steps? Is tor a program or is it like a dark net search engine? Ty

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      I’ve tor, vpn and gmail and never have had any problems. On the dark net browsers some of them, will let u pick what type of content u view however can’t see that affecting ur gmail. Maybe u should delete gmail then download it again to see if you gain access. Or just delete TorVPN I simply can’t think of anything else.check ur gmail account from the internet just use google. The one and only answer ur problem and probably the easiest thing you can is to simply contact gmail which I think is part of google. Simply ring gmail or email them and don’t be embarrassed about TorVPN many people use the dark net for many different reasons if they do ask why u use the dark net tell them basically to fuck off but obviously more polite. Good luck regaining gmail but just seen the date on your post and you’ve probably sorted everything since the original post. Also thought of something else if ur using ur phone to access everything maybe you’re running out data or just download gmail you tube on to your computer. I’m definitely going this time so once again good luck and goodbye

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    Would you stand on a corner and ask random people to help you rob a bank?
    This thread went from zero to sketchy in 0.2seconds.
    Go back to the beginning and read it, out loud to yourself.
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  268. Anonymous

    I spent over 3 hours following this guide step by step. Was able to get Tor browser up, but no luck at all even getting one Darkweb site to open. No wonder no one ever hears about the darkweb. IT DOESNT EXIST. Thanks for the waste of time. You guys suck

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      That list is obsolete, replay asking for an specific service and I will provide you the correct link address.


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    i open the deep web, but i dont understand how to use VPN. so i open deep web without VPN.. hahaha i know the risk but i dont understand

  276. Anonymous

    hello, i have atm card people here i want to learn hack or what you think, or even can you help me, then we will share the result and if this continues i bole help you and you can help me
    please help me, I am from a difficult or poor family I want like other fancy people I want to put my family,

    • Anonymous

      look for a job stop being lazy. easy money will kill you

  277. Anonymous


  278. Anonymous

    So I can’t move to the second page of links…and ironically the page doesn’t function at all on Tor…

  279. Anonymous

    I have 1000 btc in my wallet i bought them quit long ago and now i want to use them on darkweb can anyone help me out there ? With aome use full links please tq

    • Anonymous

      so…..you havae 10 MILL USD in bitcoins and you wanna use it on darkweb?

  280. Anonymous

    can someone send me tor url about red rooms … asking public hahaha

  281. Anonymous

    you mean 10 billon + at this point .
    hands up if you bought bit coin when first released at $12 ……. who knew ????

  282. Anonymous

    its as simple as downloading tor and copy and pasting the fucking links boom that’s how u enter the deep web fuck all these complexes YouTube shit

  283. Anonymous

    I want to find a person to attack a poor software.

  284. Anonymous

    anonymous its not only a right but its up to us to protect and inform peeps of wrong practices and taylored u

  285. Anonymous

    Any links for uncensored videos/photos? I just wanna see how deep is DW. I was loocking for them too much but unfortunately i didn’t found anything BIGGER than some child pornography. Some help from anyone with some links? Thanks in advance!

  286. Anonymous

    I am currently using “Express VPN”, however is showing me this: IP Address


    Location: Budapest (XV. kerület), Hungary

    Browser: Firefox on Windows

    Screen Resolution:1000×800

    BUT is saying that “Your Privacy Is Vulnerable!”
    I did research and was told that express VPN was one off the best. Can con someone please tell me what is going on?

  287. Anonymous

    It is also not allowing me to register for an account. Does anybody know why this might be?

  288. Anonymous

    I came across a book “CYBERCRIME and The Darknet” subtitle “Revealing the hidden underworld of the internet” by Cath Senker. The book gives the impression that there is much more to the “Deep Web” than Drug Markets – Child Porn – and insane conspiracy theory websites. In particular he noted that many universities have “dumped” educational information; I.e., dissertations, complete text books, various scholarly papers etc into the “Deep Web”. Just a quick note, I am using “Dark Net/DarkWeb” and “Deep Web” interchangeably which is probably incorrect. That said, both require an Onion browser and I do understand the distinction most folks make between the two.

    Senker also provides information on how to safely – securely access the “Dark Net” although not nearly as in depth as yours.

    Unfortunately, after following the procedures and gaining access to the “DarkWeb” and could not find anything of value or interest to me. I failed to find any of “vast amount information” Senker spoke of.

    I guess if websites dedicated to the existence of 6 foot reptilian aliens living amongst us, masonic – free mason conspiracy theories etc., is your thing, the Deep Web may be worth a trip. Other than that sites offering narcotics, stolen goods,stolen identities and kiddie porn is all I stumbled across.
    I am glad I checked it out but was certainly disappointed in what I found.

    • Anonymous

      You seem like a decent intellectual. I’d like to communicate with you discreetly if possible. Also am not a hacker or pro of tor so im sure you can reach me somehow

  289. Anonymous

    Hi guys
    I started surfing the deep web few months ago, and I want to be hacker, a professional hacker. I’m quick learner, I want to use the hacking skills in good purposes only. Can anyone teach me?

  290. Anonymous

    How to search games on dark web ?

  291. Anonymous

    Why the fuck can I only look at the 1st page of the Deep Web Links page? I try going to fucking page 2, tried searching via category and did a search on a particular topic and all I get is a fucking spinning fucking circle!!

  292. Anonymous

    Have been reading comments all this while, it’s my time to comment.

    Firstly; thumbs up to the admain(s) of this web, you doing a great job.

    2nd; all the links here are not valid.

    3rd; am new here, have been through a lot before I later got here. I want to learn hacking, where should I start from?

    Thanks in advance…

  293. Anonymous

    im 13 and looking for some illegal child porn. LOL. but im dead serious. help

  294. Anonymous

    Hey anyone know a good chat room?

  295. Anonymous

    I am really interested in learning how to hack..the YouTube videos are of very little help. I can be a very useful hacker if trained.

  296. Anonymous

    ^ i’d actually be more concerned if u were attracted to women 10 years older. It’s funny isnt it? how at 13 if u were attracted to a girl 3 years younger everyone would criticize you for perving on a 10 year old but if u were 23 and attracted to a 20 year old thats fine, weird huh?

  297. Anonymous

    need to hack school computer without being tracked, help!

  298. Anonymous

    Does the bitcoin mixer thing work? where u send thema nd they send u back the next day?

  299. Anonymous

    Can someone send me a link to some actual websites thats worth my time

    • Anonymous

      You don’t want to see it trust me

  300. Anonymous

    The fbi could find this website oh no what do we do now

  301. Anonymous

    Is the dark web actually that bad?? I’ve heard some fucked up stories and i’m Kinda scared but all you guys seem fine browsing through it.

    • Anonymous

      You do need to have a strong stomach for some of the sites which are particularly disturbing but some of them aren’t actually that bad.

  302. Anonymous

    Literally I just became stupider (yes not an actual word, but I’m using it, so now it is one) reading this shit. And the comments on here didn’t get any better either, ffs. FULL of Feds and FSB dingbats.
    Okay, so the easiest way for beginners to access Tor/Onion router is to download Tor browser packaged with Firefox by the Tor Project, link here, put an equal sign to nullify the link in case this site deletes it re; spam filters: ht=tps://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.
    Can also use/get Orbot for Android, and it’s ideal for n00bs, as recently for beginners there’s no need to root the device, you can also proxy your Twitter through it as well. Under proxy in settings on your twitter app: Proxy Host: localhost: Proxy Port: 8118 etc. That’s offered through the Guardian Project: ht=tps://guardianproject.info/apps/orbot/ (yes again with the = sign).
    Also, most of these sites you’ve listed are now gone, from SilkRoad to Valhalla, taken offline by the Feds. Which is good, they were killing people, which is quite awful. So this comment will probably be removed because this site seems to be like some sort of dopey site for phishing for the Feds.
    Also, don’t do drugs, I know that’s popular with hackers/crackers/skids, whatever, but really that’s pretty much how they can find you. And when you use drugs and do this kinda criminal crap online, they will use and abuse you. Number 1 rule: NEVER be used.
    Rule #2: You’re dealing with entirely sociopathic, narcissistic, dangerous and very evil entities, sometimes worse than what you encounter online exist in corporations and always under the guise of “government”/law/politics/oh wez very helpful and lovez you! etc. If you want to be an actual hacker, not just a skid DDoS everything in sight, learn to code, first. Then learn about information security, networks etc. And use a VPN if using Tor, the writer of the article was correct. This technology (Tor) was developed by milsec/US Navy, they also developed torrent software/exchanges as well. They can reveal anyone at any time. Refer to rule #2 for why they think they have this entitlement while robbing you blind with taxation. Rant for another day 😉 I’d like to say this is TL;DR, but read every fucking I’ve written here. Much <3 ~LE_XX

  303. Anonymous

    any black magic related site ?

  304. Anonymous

    I need to track someone down and need help

  305. Anonymous

    anyone has the link of the card holders forum???????????

    • Anonymous

      sorry to say Bro its all Fake and Scamres

  306. Anonymous

    Aloha, I need someone who can assist or who is willing to work with me hacking bank accounts, i have more bank accounts with their pin also so i need someone who can help or work with me, millions of dollars ahead

  307. Anonymous

    I was in hysterics reading the first dozen or so comments, my sites still hurt now lol. I only found out yesterday what programmes I needed to download to access the The Deep / Dark Web and i was in, and i know absolutely nothing about the internet, surprised really how easy it was, some sites do take longer to appear than others but hey its a small price to pay…oh wait a minute its free pmsl. M.I.K.

  308. Anonymous

    please i need help on how and where i can buy havij v17 or v18, i am madly in need of this software,any help in the house? thanks and warm regards

  309. Anonymous

    What link to a website offers a hitman for hire?

    • Anonymous

      try garth brooks….hes had plenty of hits man.

  310. Anonymous

    i thought th darkweb was for real shit not just regular day drugs and personal problems. like real science expirements, don’t you think they would be able to open portals and other dimensions by now?

  311. Anonymous

    how can i join deep web please help caz tor is not working i want it without tor

  312. Anonymous

    I think all of you guys have way too much time on your hands, With no effort of using your ADULT HEADS , I’m sorry but its not too hard too see ! Next time pull your brains all the way out not just loosen up the nutz but when ya have it all the way out you can really get goofy .Get with it you all do you even see how silly you’re sounding I’m sure some of ya cant wait to get your ray guns out and shoot some aliens . I wonder how goofy we will be next year, So do yourselves a favor and judge for yourself how sill ya sound BEFORE you blog.. Aeh?

  313. Anonymous

    There will be an attack on 28-29-30 July 2018 from 23:00 to 4:00. DO NOT ENTER THE DEEPWEB. it’s not a troll ..

  314. Anonymous


  315. Anonymous

    This is the craziest stuff to read so far. I think I’m going to try to get some sleep. can’t believe what
    people will do for the sake of Information.

  316. Anonymous

    can any one one give me a trusted link for cheap amazon gift card please

  317. Anonymous


  318. Anonymous

    Reading these comments was actually more disturbing then the sites I visit using TOR. Part of me hopes that most of the sheer stupidity that is on display here is generated by government controlled bots. If not, it seems that TPTB have been more then successful in dumbing down the population.

    To anyone asking for help on how to become a hacker: You have failed the first test. You are not qualified to be a hacker

  319. Anonymous

    hay !! ♡
    can anyone tell me what is going on here ☆

  320. Anonymous

    i need an ethical hacker. anyone here

  321. Anonymous

    I use VPN to change my location and I wanted your membership and wanted to know about the world which is dark and hidden from common public.

  322. Anonymous


  323. Anonymous

    New to the dark side of the web here. Not trying trying to be a hacker or hire a hit man or score dope or any of that fun stuff, just entering a new chapter of my life and want to learn my way around a bit. I’m looking at the possibility of getting into crypto currency trading, and I figure the dark web may help me make better informed decisions. Thanks for tolerating a n00b, any advice is appreciated.

  324. Anonymous


    I’M not a real talker on forums. for shure not in this kind of topics of computer using…. but i like to know the ins en outs in using advanced computerizing. and have the knowledge to better understand the machine, connection, web, vulnerabilities.. to “hack” — example A WEBSITE…. but now it comes … for all the stupid people i read here on the comments.

    i like to understand. coding… from websites to find. mistakes in the codes.
    i think its a way to learn “how you say.. i dont want to say it wrong… otherwise i look like a noobie”

    coding, programming, troubleshooting, find mistakes in html.. php, java, and and and.
    security… private– anonomous surfing. fingerprint… fingerprint 2.0.
    you know the program… how do they do it…. the history of all. the internet. the boost
    how quickly the web advance in a short period because.. clever from the people that invent it…. biliondollar idea..
    cOoKiEs…. mmmm yum yum. nice hungry hungryy… uhhh oops this cookie i cannot eat…. uhm sorry for the sarcasm. back to my story.
    cookies. tracking people, what they search, to better, faster, and CLEVER respond on other websites with knowledge “because of the tracking of computer searches” “tracking what that kind of invidual person need”
    and give on other websites results of advertisments from WEBSITES… highest bidder will stand in this ad…<<< stupid questions not exist. yeah its REALLY true….
    ITS TRUE. stupid questions really exist and you know. it take long time before i read till the bottom.

    for me its already annoying to constantly read, the f****kD *P stupid questions…. PEOPLE that wanna be THE SMART ASS and explain. the writer off the ARTICLE that LINKS are DEAD

    just wanna say something in between. i wanted to be the smart ass also so i checked with a simple thing i learned long time ago
    javascrip.alert (document.lastModified)
    but it gived my a up to dated page 03.09.2019 date 01:04:34 time on.

    soo my conclusion. the admin from the websites has really alot of articles…. he cannot write / modify / update them every day…
    why updated then/ because somebodygives a comment. or he really update the urls short ago

    so >>>>>>>EASY EXPLAIN FOR THE SMART ASSES <<<<<<on one page facebook open,,, the nice family man, second page for your your intrests. porn, how to build a houseor maybe searched for deepmarket…. you come on this kind of pages. try to connect the deepweb…not possible… complain here.

    just for sake. this people, the admin / more advanced are kind, try to help… but wtf… learn to read. search. do your homework…. and believe me wen you did your homework you DIDN’T ask this question because.why..? you exactly now what they mean with TOR an privacy.. lately everywhere coming articles about safety with a good vpn and a lot they EXPLAINED IT ALREADY here in the comments + there are even articles. how to install everything. access the deep web. wen you still not really understand… you can find a how to access safe the deep web on you tube. they show you step by step…. BUT

    the biggest jokes you people are f***ki* lazy… I know wen you see a page so much filled with information, you like to take a shortcut, but wtf. wen you wanna learn something. first read. i dunno how many times the people again give advice. explained try the people to understand. what to do by the computer. how to dowith android phone and still not understanding. and the best people keeped there nerves and try to explain and and… but wen the next idiot start over again. woww respect for you novice people. that you start over again. hahaha maybe two three times, after that i was short and resolute. read the comments i explained already 2 3 times…… same like other people concern about the newbies. you did your best to explain wen you still not understanding better keep it by Facebook and you tube people
    because only you tried to explain the people
    1 install TOR BROWSER.
    2 get a VPN, a PAID one is BETTER
    3connect the vpn
    4open tor browser.
    tadaaaa now you can open .onion links whalaaa problem solved…
    wen you dont understand this better, do not try, because probably you like to use it to go to buy something drugs . search filthy porn(underage) or other illigal stuff, and you get caught, so this is still the easy part. its just installing clearly explained. wen youdont understand please. netflix has also good movies. or hiree a computerman for a course haha

    oh and one thing for the people thatare trying the links what placed in this article… im almost 100 % positive
    it from all kind of website
    BUT NOT CHILDREN pornography

    admin tell me wen i’m wrong but expect you crossed a line for yourself and you don’t want to go over. you know it there. yes its also a part of but wen it was my page this kind of things are forbidden, you learn how to come online. okay drug sites bad bad bad. but child porn onbelievable bad, rapes and some other sick stuff, woww yeah the darkmarket can be really dark and dangerous also. I would make also a topic over the horrible horror sides of the free net, but wen people ask me to find tell them they must find somewhere else.but okay sorry evrybody for hisself i use it for more privacy and some stuff. read alot normal i didn’t click on any link now here im also learning here on your site, tonight i stayed to long hangt in this topic.. but i see already you have alot of intresting pages so i will comeback. but is alsooo alotof reading so next time
    for the people tried all links and still not work…. pleasee go further with your hunt on blackmarkets on duckandgo….

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE WHY I KEEPED READING BECAUSE THERE WERE ENOUGH people the gives little intresting information. i wrote it up and. go to search amd see what i can learn more
    wowwwwwwwww sorryy for this bookwork. but believe me in total i waste maybe 3 a for hours reading the comment and scribes this comment..

    yoou know in the world of hackinng… websites html,css,php(creating) and and and im really a newby.. but i really like to learn. want to build my own webshop..
    but my problem is my english is not on its best and yeahh read read. sometimes i also skip, and then i try. oops not work.. on the end i stay on the hello word example two hours busy and stil not good haha… yeahh i give up. buti see what was the problem… only yeahh newbyy haha. but by reading interesting articles i also found out that there are websites offering hacking school, websites they allow for educal reason to hack and and and is really allot of stuff.. i really dont know where to begin. i was thinking. wen you want to learn to hack you learn automatic to work with the codes but more o a playful not borig way so people that are not sick of reading my comment. or… exactly sit on same Nivea or higher and want to talk with me please. im a listener normally. and correct me please somewhere where i maked a mistake about information i tell. or wen you see some things different. OR YOU THINK I”M the noob that not understand. i give good reviews so i must accept samethat people have a opinion

    im really sorry for my bad english hope its okay by you guys.. its maybe the 3th or 4th time i say something on a forum and 2 times it was to like a music video soo haha im a reader. but i’m really curious what people gonna react on my comment… i dont bother to read wen you read many times things that was told already yeah.. it makes the page really big. and informative comments, you must search good, because easy to miss.

    onestly now i go to my normal browser and look porn haha, i have a big head from the writing.
    one question? are there also chatting rooms people share knowledge. not mean drugs NOT childporn. im not searching those things, but i think is interesting to talk with people about programming, debugging, hacking, cracking, i really want to learn. and on quick time i want to build a hackedproof webshop so hahaha. and yes i know and i want to take the hours to learn. look what i did althis time. i could beter study other pages. but yeahh sorry… the dumbs and the smart asses really fuckes up your forum. not nice to read anymore, but okay i still did. thanks

    goodnight an waiting for an answer… reallly curious


    i only want to show the people what resource mean, because it’s not possible on the shortcut way. knowledge is important, no matter what kind of job you want to learn..


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