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    Are you prepared to enter the world of darknet markets? If so, do you need to find a way for accessing the Valhalla Market in particular?

    Considering you are reading this guide, I suppose you have already heard about Valhalla (better known by its Finnish name, Silkkitie) and everything the site has to offer.

    As one of the most popular marketplaces on the dark web, the Valhalla/Silkkitie Market is a place where you can find all sorts of goods and services—both legal and illegal.

    Given the nature of the items listed on Valhalla Market, it is logical to assume that accessing is not as simple as pushing a button.

    First of all, you should be aware that if you want to be a member of Valhalla, you can only achieve so by receiving an invitation.

    Your TOR usage is being watched

    This applies both to sellers and customers, in order to prevent the quick overgrowth of Valhalla.

    And if you want to enter the Valhalla Market or even the dark web in general, it is important that you adhere to a strict procedure.

    This step-by-step tutorial will help guide you through that process.

    But first, let’s provide some context.

    The basics of the dark web

    The internet is contained of three layers: the regular internet, the deep web, and the dark web.

    You can access the regular internet over unencrypted networks, and it can be easily reached from regular, well-known browsers such as Chrome or Safari.

    access the dark web anonymouslyThe deep web is a part of the internet that is not indexed by typical search engines like Google.

    Then there’s the dark web, a subset of the deep web where the most interesting things can be found.

    On the dark web, you’ll find hacking sites, torrent sites, and darknet markets that sell drugs, firearms, stolen data, and other such items.

    But also available on the dark web are sites and platforms that aim to provide global news and information to people in oppressive regimes who don’t have access to online freedom because their governments have either banned, propagandized or heavily censoredwhat’s live on the internet.

    All of this said, you need to be EXTRA cautious in the dark web, as a lot of its contents are illegal and there are authorities watching.

    In order to achieve anonymity and be hidden on the dark web, you should first follow a certain line of action items further down in this guide.

    What software do you need for accessing the dark web?

    The dark web cannot be accessed from an unencrypted network.

    Instead, it requires an encrypted network to encodethe data that’s sent over it.

    The network then converts the data into a kind of chip/code in order to secure it.

    As such, you can’t just type a darknet site address into your Chrome, Firefox or Safari search bar and expect to see results.

    You must use a particular software that is able to handle .onion URLs and can protect your identity.

    More specifically, you need something like Tor or I2P. For accessing the Valhalla Market in particular, you should use Tor.

    The Onion Router, also known as Tor, is free software that encrypts network connections in layers.

    This entirely free network is used by a wide variety of people for a range of applications. The software empowers its users to access the dark web anonymously.

    Still, The Onion Router doesn’t promise you complete protection.

    It is not designed to erase your tracks completely or guarantee your anonymity.

    Tor just lowers the possibility of someone detecting your identity and/or location.

    Here’s how this works: When accessing a website like Valhalla, no matter where in the world you are, you need to use a certain network.

    This network is made up of many links or routers, connected together and forming a long chain.

    The function of Tor is to add a layer of encryption to each link of the chain.

    More specifically, there is a Tor “entry node” and a Tor “exit node” at each end of the connection leading to your intended destination.

    With every encoding in the chain that is added, it can only see backward one link.

    So what happens if the chain starts from the other end and not with you? Code by code, layer by layer, if it starts to bounce back, the chain will eventually find its way back to you.

    Therefore, you should be aware that Tor is not enough!

    Moreover, do not download Tor yet. Everyone who is now downloading it is being tracked by the feds, and it doesn’t matter for which purpose you are downloading it.

    If you want to stay secure and unharmed, download VPN first.

    If you want to become completely invisible on the Valhalla/Silkkitie Market, you should follow the step-by-step guide below.

    How to access the Valhalla/Silkkitie Market: Step-by-step guide (7 easy steps)

    1. Get a Virtual Private Network(VPN)

    As was already mentioned, the Tor browser itself is not enough to access the dark web and Valhalla Market.

    The key to success in this situation is to use the perfect combination of VPN and Tor.

    When using Tor with VPN, a cover is formed, simultaneously hiding your identity and protecting your data.

    The combination of Tor and VPN is a very important part of hiding your location from the feds and ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

    Without VPN, your usage of Tor can be detected and tracked, and without Tor, you cannot use VPN.

    The Virtual Private Network is not a browser, and it cannot be used individually.

    The VPN is a secure tunnel between two or more devices.

    This private network is extended across a public one and it empowers users to exchange data across the public network as their computers are directly connected to the private network.

    So, the VPN creates a connection between the computer you are using and the server operated by the VPN service.

    Furthermore, the Virtual Private Network covers up your IP address, and it is the best way to becoming anonymous on the dark web.

    If you are ready to download this software, you must be certain that not all VPNs are safe and you must find a VPN from a good review site.

    I would recommend, and I hope you will find a fitting VPN for yourself.

    2. Download and fire up The Onion Router

    The Onion Router (Tor) package can be found on the following link:

    You can download Tor if you are a user of Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, etc.

    It is available for all operating systems, and for even better privacy you can download it on Tails.

    Then, you need to install it. Once you finish the installation and want to fire up the Tor browser, you must remember not to close the VPN app.

    3. Type the web address in

    Using the Tor browser is just like using any other browser.

    It has the same options like the regular browsers you use on daily basis and once you set it up, you can simply type the URL in. In this case, we need to type Valhalla’s URL.

    The exact website (Valhalla Market) URL is http://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion/register/DpXB.

    While using the dark web, you should always be aware of the fact that valid URLs aren’t indexed like regular internet addresses.

    So, it’s important to find these addresses from well-known, trustworthy websites (similar to this one, or

    Remember, if you try to type the URL of the Valhalla Market into your regular browser (for example Google Chrome), be certain you will not find it.

    The site cannot be reached on the regular internet! Valhalla Market is only accessible through the Tor browser.

    4. Enter the Valhalla Market

    Once you have installed a VPN, fired up Tor, and obtained the Valhalla Market website link from a reputable site, you are free to enter the site.

    You will first find an objectively simple, basic interface.

    The first thing you will see is the Valhalla Market login screen.

    If you want to be able to review all of the goods that Valhalla Market offers, you will be required to register.

    5. Register on the Valhalla/SilkkitieMarket

    In order to register on the Valhalla Market, you need to enter some information, including a username, a password of your choice, password confirmation, whether you are a buyer or a seller, and a security question to ensureyou aren’t a robot.

    If you’re already thinking this process is way too easy, here is the tricky part.

    If you use any information in the username or password section that can be related to you, your presence on the sitecan be easily connected back to your identity, and you could be traced and detected from Valhalla forever.

    It is genuinely important for you to use information that has nothing to do with you or anything you are doing or have used before.

    Never connect this kind of account with your personal accounts outside of the dark web, and be sure you use a completely new username and password to enter Valhalla Market.

    As I’ve mentioned before, and as you can see from the picture, the Valhalla Market site is invite only!

    NOTE: In the username section on the Valhalla Market you can only use letters and numbers, and in the password area you can use any character of the keyboard.

    You are not limited to numbers and letters, so make sure you create a strong password that can’t be easily cracked.

    However, there’s an alternative if you just want to look around and see what Valhalla Market has to offer,or if you’re not ready for the commitment of getting an account or signing in.

    Just click on the link that says “Browse products” and start reviewing the Valhalla Market.

    6. You are now in!

    Now, that you have entered the Valhalla Market, let’s see everything you can find here.

    Depending on their type, the productsin the Valhalla Market are arranged into categories found on the left side of the site.

    As you can see in the picture,the categories are separated into subgroups.

    For example, on the Valhalla Market, one of the categories is Drugs and the category is divided into cannabis, stimulants, empathogens, psychedelics, opiates, etc.

    Each product in the list of categories has a picture, the name of the good, the price (in USD and BTC), information for the vendor, which country(s) the product is shipped from, and a couple of more details.

    If you want to find more information about the vendor on Valhalla Market (and I definitely recommend you do this) you can read the reviews for the vendor and find the latest questions he/she has answered.

    Also, if you have a question of your own, you have the option to ask it.

    When you’re browsing through the Valhalla Market’slistings, you can filter the search by the product details.

    For example, you can choose where you want the product to be shipped from, or whichproductshave the lowest prices, etc.

    NOTE: Don’t forget to check the quality, both for the product and for the vendor on the Valhalla Market!

    If you want to buy a product on Valhalla Market, you need to enter the quantity, your shipping address and payment type.Unless the product is out of stock, you will be able to order it.

    However, that’s not all you need to complete an order from the Valhalla Market.

    7. Now you need Bitcoin!

    If you have completed all of the previous steps and you are now ready to place an order on Valhalla, you will need to obtain Bitcoin—the cryptocurrency which is used on Valhalla Market for digital payment.

    To learn more about Bitcoin, and how and where you can buy it, how to use it and even how to sell it, I recommend you visit to find details on how to do these things.

    There are many different ways for buying Bitcoins, and this is a totally legal thing to do, so you don’t have to use Tor.

    If you have already completed an order, I hope you are satisfied with the results, and I really hope you’ve followed all of the instructions listed here.

    The dark web is certainly a fascinating and addicting place to be. And it’s worth following these steps to check it out if you haven’t already.

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