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Operating since 2013, Valhalla (Silkkitie) is one of the longest running markets on the Dark Web and is considered one of the Top Markets DarkWebNews, a web portal that publishes news about the current Deep Web situation.

Better known by its Finnish name – Silkkitie, and once an exclusively Finish Darknet market; it’s been renamed to Valhalla as of recently to symbolize its move to the international waters. According to its admin, the main reason they’ve become open to the world is the fact that the number of reliable Dark Web markets, ones that will not perform an exit scam, was in constant decline, so Valhalla had to step in and improve the situation.

The market is organized into categories and subcategories and is quite easy to navigate. According to customer reviews, it is a reliable and safe place for both buyers and sellers alike.

Valhalla Market is mostly drug oriented, but it sells lots of other stuff as well, neatly categorized as Bodybuilding, Cannabis Growing, Mushroom Growing, Production/Distribution, Paraphernalia, Self-defense, Digital Items, Services, Classifieds.

Valhalla accepts new user registrations (both customers and vendors) only through invitations. Its admin says that this way assures the prevention of quick community overgrowth and also makes it easier to have everything under control.

Make sure that you are protecting your anonymity by using a good VPN with Tor. The recent attacks on Tor users by the feds have resulted in tons of people getting busted. Tor is not secure enough by it self.

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    • hello i need lifemiles account to buy.will be glad if you can help me get one.

  1. I sometimes wonder, if all those websites are known about why aren’t governments taking them down?

  2. Hello how can i join.Thank you and will be glad to read from you


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