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Operating since 2013, Valhalla (Silkkitie) is one of the longest running markets on the Dark Web and is considered one of the Top Markets DarkWebNews, a web portal that publishes news about the current Deep Web situation.

Better known by its Finnish name – Silkkitie, and once an exclusively Finish Darknet market; it’s been renamed to Valhalla as of recently to symbolize its move to the international waters. According to its admin, the main reason they’ve become open to the world is the fact that the number of reliable Dark Web markets, ones that will not perform an exit scam, was in constant decline, so Valhalla had to step in and improve the situation.

The market is organized into categories and subcategories and is quite easy to navigate. According to customer reviews, it is a reliable and safe place for both buyers and sellers alike.

Valhalla Market is mostly drug oriented, but it sells lots of other stuff as well, neatly categorized as Bodybuilding, Cannabis Growing, Mushroom Growing, Production/Distribution, Paraphernalia, Self-defense, Digital Items, Services, Classifieds.

Valhalla accepts new user registrations (both customers and vendors) only through invitations. Its admin says that this way assures the prevention of quick community overgrowth and also makes it easier to have everything under control.

Make sure that you are protecting your anonymity by using a good VPN with Tor. The recent attacks on Tor users by the feds have resulted in tons of people getting busted. Tor is not secure enough by it self.

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The articles and content found on Dark Web News are for general information purposes only and are not intended to solicit illegal activity or constitute legal advice. Using drugs is harmful to your health and can cause serious problems including death and imprisonment, and any treatment should not be undertaken without medical supervision.

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  1. I have send 0.09 BTC to my account and then the wallet address changed. The transfer however was never confirmed by valhala.
    The support doesnt respond.
    They take your money and dont reply. Watch out guys. Valhalla is shit.

  2. Hey guys, I have read and understand that this website is like a drugs market 🙂 yeh nice but not interesting 4 me.. what i really want to know is if “you” can help me to find out more about some ppl on Germany, it is a strange organisation , i can not give hier details about! This ppl have a strange way to deal with things like “eating humans excrements” (human shit) ! I have locations and i know backgrounds.. it is posibil to help me, i tell you “LSD and rest of the drugs help me to open the gate to knowledge but after that it is nothing more than caos inside my brain.
    Now you will say “what the heck she want to tell us ?!
    I try to get help from you so soon as possible ! It is all there online and only someone like you can find it..
    I have small knowledge about hacking, but I far from being a real one !
    And in this point I really need professional ppl to resolve this problems.. police covers up all aspects, i am not German so then I don’t have rights hier.. this organisation play a game with me like six years..
    In the end of the story.. i pay 6.000 € for something i didn’t done!
    What YOU say ! Help me to find out ??.. think about the truth.. it is simple to take LSD and dream nicely about a shit reality.. but remember.. that day wen you are back to reality just remember ME ! I try.. i speak with you! I asked for your help ! Maybe this is the answer to a lot of bad things what’s happened on Earth every day.. just imagine !
    Just imagine this – that you eat the shit from some other people – !! and… you like it !!
    Just imagine please.. this organisation play a game with all of you not only with me ! I know that you know and i am very sure about this.
    Located in most secure zone of Germany, in the Bayern area, you ppl use to call them “Iluminati di Bayern”
    Anonymous users for what are you hier ?
    80% from “women’s” sell “shit” every day for prices between 50-100 € in Germany and Switzerland !
    NEED HELP WITH THIS ORGANISATION FAST AS POSSIBLE ! Do not ignor the facts, STOP being ignorant please !
    With Respect for the human race.. your D.L.E

  3. Valhalla account with 400+ positive ratings for sale.

    Find the offer on the Dream Market – vendor: UnleashClearLoyalty


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