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Point / Tochka Market is a free, referral market that first launched in 2015, created by Russian-speaking developers.

It is considered one of the first marketplaces which offered a quick distribution and delivery of items, without the need of communication between the buyer and vendor.

The Point / Tochka Market is mainly found as T.chka, but the black dot is pronounced as an “o” so you may also find it in this version.

The marketplace is smaller than its peers and isn’t too well known around the darknet market community.

This comes from the simple reason that it only has a few listings on the site and the escrow service is not available.

However, this is the only market which offers “dead drop” option from the vendors.

Your TOR usage is being watched

That said, it has many interesting features to offer, so many people find it worth trying.

Another feature that separates the Point / Tochka Market from the other darknet markets is the “Instant Trade” which empowers the users not to communicate with vendors when purchasing items from them.

As interesting as the Point / Tochka Market sounds and looks from the outside, it is necessary to mention that this marketplace is pretty doubtful at first glance.

The acid-like and often blinding combinations of colors and the scrambled user interface are poor in quality when compared to the general darknet market standard.

This leads users to question the possibility that the site holds a certain lack of faith.

However, if you’re now determined to access The Point / Tochka Market, keep up with the guide below to do so in the smartest, most secure way possible!

Step-by-step guide on how to access the Point / Tochka Free Market (5 easy steps)

Point / T•chka Free Market is currently: Up / Online

Drugs Listings – 3575
Total Listings – 7975

1. First of all, download a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a term referring to a private network, which is extended across a public one.

Its function is to create a secret, safe tunnel between your computer (or any device of your choice) and your intended location, if you are in need of securing the data that you are exchanging.

This method is used to replace your initial IP address with one that the VPN provider supplies.

Many people use a VPN to secure their sensitive data (whether it’s motivated by legal or illegal purposes), so if you do use it, you may look just like another person browsing the internet with a VPN for work purposes.

Furthermore, a VPN provides a new IP address in a location of your choice.

For example, a VPN can make it appear you are living in Mexico even if your valid location is in Germany.

However, using this particular software won’t lead you anywhere with regards to access the dark web.

The perfect combination for connecting to the dark Web and the Point / Tochka Market is using both Tor and VPN.

And now that we are here, we should cover… What is the dark Web?

The typical internet (which all of you are using for different purposes, mostly legal), the dark Web and the deep web are three layers the Internet consists of.

The dark Web is an undercover, hidden Internet component which grants users with the unique ability—whether legal or illegal—of finding the most intriguing and forbidden items, services and even communities available on all the internet.

However, everything above-mentioned comes at a certain cost.

If you want to enter the world of dark markets, in this case, the Point / Tochka Market, you must be aware of what you’re getting yourself into.

Part of the procedure to access the dark Web and the Point / Tochka Market in particular, you will require a specific network.

A must-have to approaching the dark Web is an encoded network.

The network encryption is sometimes called a network layer because of the process of data-encoding that goes through it.

Each piece of data cycling through an encrypted network is encoded into a chip or a code with the use of layers, to prevent unpermitted access.

If you use an unencrypted network, your data could be found, registered and traced.

Not to mention the fact that using an unencrypted network will not lead you anywhere.

You must know that accessing the dark markets, more specifically the Point / Tochka Market, requires using an encrypted network.

As such, you cannot access the dark Web and the Point / Tochka Market through your regular browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

Anyhow, back to the guide.

If you’re ready to download the must-have software (VPN) for accessing the darknet markets safely, you should be aware that not all Virtual Private Networks offer the same security and encryption level.

I would recommend visiting https://topvpnsoftware.com to choose from the top VPN providers.

In case you don’t like this site, be certain to choose a VPN from a reputable, well-known source, which guarantees you security and protection.

After wisely choosing a VPN, you should download and install the program.

When the download is over, make sure all programs which are operating on your computer are closed. If any of the programs (for example, Skype) are not closed, it could cause DNS leaks and expose your identity.

When you finish this step, fire up the VPN!

2. Now it is time for The Onion Router (Tor)

As was mentioned before, using only the VPN will not get you anywhere, because the VPN by itself is only a software and you need a browser if you want to access any darknet site you need (in this case, the Point / Tochka Market).

Now, I suppose you are wondering why you couldn’t just download Tor, enter the address of Point / Tochka Market and get into the website.

Well, first of all, the ISPs(Internet Service Providers)and the feds are actively tracing everyone that is now downloading Tor.

However, if you combine Tor with a VPN, your IP address would lead them somewhere else, and not to your real location.

More specifically, your data couldn’t be linked to you, or in any case traced back to you.

The Tor browser is an encryption tool which works on a principle of adding layers of encoding and encryption at each part of the “chain.”

When accessing a website, no matter where in the world it takes place, you must go through many, many links.

Each link has an “entry node” and an “exit node.”

The function of The Onion Router (Tor) is to add a layer of encoding at each node, starting from your device (computer, phone, etc.) and ending at your intended location.

However, without the use of a VPN, your use of Tor could be located and your data could be monitored, so do not forget to start your VPN first.

Even though Tor can lower the possibility of tracing, it cannot completely eliminate the risk.

So, you must have a VPN in order to safely access the dark web and the Point / Tochka Market.

If you want to download Tor, here is the link where you can find it.


I will skip the part of explaining how Tor works because it is the same as any other browser.

Also, Tor is accessible for any operating system, so no matter if you’re using Windows, Ubuntu, Linux or Mac, you will be able to download it.

After you complete the download, it is time to install Tor.

Do not forget that all programs operating on your system must be closed and your VPN needs to be fired up!

3. Enter the URL into the address bar

The most important part of this step is to acquire the legitimate URL of the Point / Tochka Market.

Not all websites offer the exact website addresses, so you must be certain to get it from a reputable, well-known and trustworthy website like ours https://darkwebnews.com/.

After finding the legitimate .onion URL for the Point / Tochka Market (it is listed here: http://tochka3evlj3sxdv.onion/auth/register/62e4882184c74e6078e0fc79f8fe9cdf), enter the website address into the search bar of a browser that is able to handle .onion URLs (in this case, it’s Tor).

NOTE: Keep the Tor browser in its original default size.

If you maximize your window size, your device could be determined and someone could eventually track your location.

After entering the address of the market, you will be taken to the home page, which looks exactly like this.

Here, you have the ability to choose the language you prefer and login, register or learn something more about the escrow and multisig on the site (the Point / Tochka Market is offering a 10 day free escrow).

When you’re a member of the active community, you are also able to get help solving issues you may face, and you can get a free account and earn some money by participating in different activities in the marketplace.

4. Register

The Point / Tochka Market’s registration process contains a lot of sections that need to be filled out.

First of all, you must come up with a username.

As you can notice from the picture, the registration form allows lowercase Latin letters, symbols and digits.

However, you must be careful with this step.

It’s important to come up with a username that isn’t anyhow linked to you or any of your other accounts.

This is considered one of the easiest ways others can trace your location and personal information.

The same rules apply for the password, and I would add just a little something: Make your passphrase is as long and difficult as possible.

(If the passphrase is more complicated, it has a lower likelihood of being hacked).

If you have an invite code for Point / Tochka Market, there is a spot where you can enter it.

If you do not, just continue with the next step where you are required to select whether you are a buyer or a vendor.

The captcha code is used to prove you are a human, and of course, it’s a must.

After completing this, you can register.

5. What can be found on the Point / Tochka Market

The Point / Tochka Market home page offers a huge amount of possibilities and filters for browsing the site.

If you select -Marketplace-, you will be able to search and explore the different types of products Point / Tochka is offering.

Below –Marketplace-, you can see the –Vendor- section, and I definitely consider this as one of the most important ones.

Choosing a vendor is possibly the most important part of the process of buying, so before you go on to order the products, assure yourself to check the vendor’s ratings and comments.

Listed are the number of sales and the sales volume, a picture and a grade for each vendor.

If you want to communicate with a vendor, I would highly recommend using a PGP key.

A PGP is an especially important and useful tool for encrypting sensitive messages.

It is used in the process of communicating with the vendor and comes in handy in protecting you if the website is ever seized by law enforcement.

You can also find -Shoutbox-, -Feed- and –Community- sections where you can find other users comments and advice.

In the top right section, you can view the delivery type, categories, then some settings about the account.

Last but not least, you will also find the filter of sorting the products.

If you review the categories carefully, you would see that each category has its own subcategories.

As it is shown in the image above, the Point / Tochka Market has eight categories: Drugs, Prescription, Digital Goods, Other, Steroids, Services, Guides and Tutorials, and Software.

The Drugs category is separated into various subcategories, and each of them to even more.

For example, one of the subcategories of Drugs is Cannabis (having 311 types) and is separated into seven smaller ones.

If you’re not certain of what you’re looking for exactly, I am sure you will find your way in time because of the great organization of the products the Point / Tochka Market offers.

However, if you have already chosen your product, just go to the –Marketplace- and enter the name of the product in the search bar.

When choosing a product, you are also able to filter the sortation.

You can sort the products depending on their popularity, their rating, the price, the date they are added or depending on whether the vendor is online or not.

The delivery type can be via mail, drop, drop preorder or digital.

Not all products offer the same delivery options, so if you have a specific delivery type chosen I would recommend selecting this filter first.

After choosing a product, you should review all of its features.

For example, I chose XTC Pills || Dutch Quality MDMA XTC Pill || 180 – 200+ (!)mg.

Beside the picture and the name, all of the product listings include the type of shipping (as I already mentioned before), plus where the product can be shipped to and where is it shipped from.

You can find the price in USD and if you scroll down you can read even more details about the product. Accepted cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum.

In the top right, you can find information about the vendor’s ratings.

Be aware that you are on the darkWeb, so it’s important to stay careful in every situation with safety in mind.

I hope you’ll be lucky enough to find what you are looking for!

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