Ross Ulbricht’s Fifth Year in Jail

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Observing the 5-year mark of Ross Ulbricht’s lifetime sentence, launches a six-part series on his case in hopes of a presidential pardon.

It has been a full five years since Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht began his double-life jail sentence.

In observance of the anniversary, Ulbricht’s family and supporters have launched a new project to spread the story behind his case in a bid to gather more support for his petition for clemency.

Six-Episode Series Online

On, Ulbricht’s family and supporters said that starting this month, there will be six weekly episodes covering the complete details from beginning to end.

The contents in each of these six parts will contain videos from YouTube, some narration through written texts and some visual components.

The episodes carry separate titles or chapters within them too. The first episode, for example, has five chapters.

The series itself is given the title Railroaded: The Targeting and Caging of Ross Ulbricht.

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Family Extolls the Virtues of Ross Ulbricht in Prison

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It has been a full five years since Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht began his double-life jail sentence.

Ulbricht’s family has gone on to state that he has been a personification of virtue inside the prison all these five years.

They say he has put his faith in non-violence and peace and has remained distant from any kind of violence within the jail.

According to them, Ulbricht was urged by fellow prisoners to get involved in violent acts, which he refused to do and he came under attack for this.

This has resulted in Ulbricht being held in solitary confinement and continues to be so even today.

The family has indirectly questioned the wisdom of the judge for having sentenced such a peaceful character to double life imprisonment.

For good measure, a statement by someone who shared the cell in which Ulbricht was held earlier has been added too, indicating how Ulbricht was always against violence of any kind and not only would he himself be not involved in violence but would discourage others in the jail to desist from resorting to violence too.

Seeking Presidential Pardon

As it is known, no attempt was spared in trying to save Ulbricht from his sentencing.

Several appeal requests have been submitted by his legal team, even going all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court.

All appeals to date have been rejected, but the family still remains positive and the next step they are after is to seek an executive pardon from President Donald Trump.

At press time, around 88,500 people have signed a petition invoking clemency from the president.

Will their pleas be heard and will Ross Ulbricht be really freed? Such requests are analyzed by different departments of the U.S. government including the Department of Justice, which prosecuted Ulbricht in the first place.

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