Jailed Silk Road Admin Seeks the Help of BCH Investor & Promoter

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Silk Road admin looking for support from Roger Ver.
Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht works to round up more support for a presidential pardon by sending a letter to Bitcoin Cash promoter Roger Ver.

Now past his fifth year in federal prison, Silk Road founder and head admin Ross Ulbricht is desperate to get an executive pardon from U.S. President Donald Trump.

After having exhausted many attempts to have his double life sentence appealed in the courts, the darknet market founder has now approached Roger Ver, a prominent promoter and early investor in Bitcoin Cash (or BCH).

Ulbricht has written to Ver seeking his support in convincing the president to offer him the pardon.

Movement to Freedom

The case of Silk Road, a notorious darknet market at its peak, is a lesson in how the U.S. Department of Justice succeeded in investigating a seemingly undetectable crime and taking it far past its logical legal conclusion—handing Ulbricht two lifetime sentences in federal prison plus an additional 40 years, without the possibility of parole.

Ulbricht and his league of supporters are pushing for President Trump to grant clemency for what they’ve long considered to be an unjust punishment.

Letter to Roger Ver

This recently revealed letter from Ulbricht to Ver is not the first attempt he has made to explore the possibility of rounding up more support for his cause.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Ulbricht had attempted to get appellate courts to review his case but remained unsuccessful after years of trying.

Since his sentencing in 2015, Ulbricht and his family, running the Free Ross campaign, have been working to raise support to win public opinion in his favor.

A Change.org petition launched last summer has now gained over 120,000 signatures from supporters making a fervent plea to President Trump to pardon his sentence.

This Could be the Final Push

Jailed man behind bars.
Now past his fifth year in federal prison, Silk Road founder and head admin Ross Ulbricht is desperate to get an executive pardon from U.S. President Donald Trump.

Ross has not minced his words while asking for help from Ver.

He has clearly stated that he has lost all hope and a presidential pardon is the only way out.

And he acknowledges in the letter that Ver had helped him a great deal earlier too through his unsuccessful legal battles.

No one knows how the president will react to the petition to pardon the Silk Road founder. Being a businessman himself, will Trump empathize with Ulbricht? Trump has already granted several pardons in the past two years since taking office. Could Ulbricht’s case be the next on the list?

It might even turn into a political decision, as happens on many occasions.



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