Darknet Market Silk Road 3.1 has Come Back

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Silk Road 3.1 is back from the dead. The darknet market has risen again from the ashes.

After a hiatus, the 3.1 iteration of the Silk Road darknet market is back up and running.

If you’re wondering what events led up to this point, then you’ve come to the right place.

The site closed down in the first place because the site’s fund transfer system was not working. After this, many users believed one of the administrators had stopped operating the market, possibly concluding an exit scam.

But the other two mods continued to work on reviving the Silk Road 3.1 market. Not too long after the new market opened, another issue came along—the site’s servers were hacked and users’ funds were subsequently stolen.

Now, the site is back up and administrators have been working to refund all of the lost funds. A form is available on the site where users can provide their identity and corresponding necessary evidence to recover their missing funds.

Despite attempts for the Silk Road 3.1 administrators to make a positive impression and gain a certain reputation among the site’s user base, many in the darknet market community have been wary of the Silk Road name.

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Many believed the owners of SR3.1 had pulled off an exit scam. They also perceived the announcement of the hacking to be a lie.

And the community is truly divided on this topic. Many believed the owners of SR3.1 had pulled off an exit scam.

They also perceived the announcement of the hacking to be a lie.

Still, some dark web market comrades believe that a third entity was responsible for the hack and the Silk Road 3.1 administrators were dedicated members of the dark market base.

All of this aside, the Silk Road 3.1 market is back online as of August 1 after mods resolved some technical issues.

The official link where you can access the Silk Road 3.1 is and the full guide to access the site is here.

Along with the comeback comes new obligations for the Silk Road 3.1 owners, mainly to show that they’re trustworthy and reliable to the site’s buyers and vendors.

Ultimately, the goal is to prove the administrators’ loyalty to win back former users. By the same token, any leftover doubt Silk Road 3.1 users have upheld is justified and should be taken seriously.

If Silk Road 3.1 owners can prove the site’s decency and dedication to their comrades, this would be a step in the right direction for the future of the market.

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  1. Anonymous

    taxation is theft

  2. Anonymous

    Hey, please, will somebody tell this generation of “gotta tell the whole world I just used the John” they don’t need to log in and recite their latest order of X or all the weed their “Slanging” across West Hollywood or the dank China white, dude. They could practice keeping their damn mouth shut. Used to be discreet about shit, now the Feds just follow your Facebook and they know when to come a knocking.

  3. Anonymous

    This is a great news one of the hack market on dark net is back online…we re still waiting for news from the administrators of Alphabaymarket and Hansa…as I trust the more the authorities try to bring down all the dark net market the stronger they become and we will still be loyal to the dark net until the universe never exist again….kudos to SR3.1 administrator for great work.

  4. Anonymous

    You got that right!

  5. Anonymous

    I believe the site is down again along with Lunacy as of Aug 14th. Site page can not load, anyone else find this issue?

  6. Anonymous

    Down again. WTF is going on. Waiting on order. Have no idea if I’m going to get it.

  7. Anonymous

    Silk Road 3.1 seems down again or wrong link…. anyone able to connect?

  8. Anonymous

    They are down again and so is it sister market Lunicy. I do not think they will ever be back up.

  9. Anonymous

    this is messed up for real. why cant people just be people
    yea, you cant do a darn thing any more with out someone turning it into something its not

  10. Anonymous

    How can I excess the site I’m a bit confused on how to get on ?

  11. Anonymous

    silk road 3.1 down april 2019? keep getting 502’s on every link I can find. Kinda pissed, have a few hundo in escrow that I doubt I’m getting back now.


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