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Silk Road is probably the most well-established name on the Dark Net when it comes to selling and buying drugs. This site however, apparently has no connection to the original Silk Road except its name.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Since this site has a big target on its back from the Feds, due to the name, you should definitely be using a VPN with Tor to access this site (you should use it for all dark web activities).

That being said, one should conduct business on it with a grain of suspicion, since sites with Silk Road’s name appear occasionally and get shut down after a short period of time. This can either be due to security reasons or it could be a long running scam and at this stage it is hard to say.

The security on the site is on a standard level, with the basic registration procedure, after which you are allowed to fully browse the site and conduct any business you wish.

There are quite a high number of listings and almost all of them are drugs or drug-related, since many vendors from other marketplaces have their accounts set up here as well.



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Silk Road 3,
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  2. Silk road 3 is not working anymore ?? I have problems to get there.

  3. same here i cant get on but this sit says its online

  4. Why is Silk Road listed as online while it is down?



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