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RuTOR is another forum marketplace on the Dark Net specialized for Russian speaking regions. The general concept and content of this site resemble RAMP in many ways, but the design of the site is better, making it look slightly more professional.

The site is set up so that each thread is a store and there are separate themes for each shop category. The knowledge of the language is obviously needed in order to understand what is written, but also if you wish to conduct business, as many vendors here speak only Russian.

The registration process is simple two-step procedure, the first step being the choice of user name and password followed by captcha verification and the second one is reading through rules and regulations and accepting them.

Bitcoin seems the currency of choice on this site, but given its nature, it might be possible to make an agreement with the vendor to use other currencies.

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  1. Anonymous

    hey can u help me for something

    • Anonymous

      I can help you for nothing.

      • Anonymous

        how much to fix credit lines?

  2. Anonymous

    Mne nado puschku

  3. Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      We can make a deal 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    how can i get a lot of money

    • Anonymous


  5. Anonymous

    I want to register in this room

  6. Anonymous

    i wnna to learn hacking and am illetrate,how can i

  7. Anonymous

    Scam forum!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Hey can u guys help me with something

  9. Anonymous

    hey how can help you

  10. Anonymous

    da fook is that. just if u want hack then the anonymous should share hacking to GET FREEDOM ALL WORLD.. its not like we need to search how to hack its fake. the real hackers just can help or teach.. but nope nothing just pointless..

  11. Anonymous

    is it possible to hack the servers and accounds of playtica it is a provider of games online like slotomania on Facebook

  12. Anonymous

    any link for regisitration

  13. Anonymous

    thats get this staded

  14. Anonymous

    i want to join anonymous and learn to hack can u help

  15. Anonymous

    how to downlaod need for speed payback

    • Anonymous

      buy it lol its a 10 $ bucks game if my memory is good

  16. Anonymous

    where i can found real darkweb people aginst the matrix
    and im looking to some one learn me how life fredom here

  17. Anonymous

    is this really a place for hackers

  18. Anonymous

    i need heavy drugs to kill myself in a short time after reading all comments

    • Anonymous

      youre not even lying thes comments are pure autism

  19. Anonymous

    pls i need a mony

  20. Anonymous

    how do i make money on here

  21. Anonymous

    I want to learn the hacker

  22. Anonymous

    I have credit card info for sale. Credit card belongs to a millionaire

    • Anonymous

      I would I know it works

  23. Anonymous

    l would love to hack the bank accounts of big politician and public servants who have swindle public money and made the tax payers beggers

  24. Anonymous

    i want to find all my boyfriends emails and social media accounts

  25. Anonymous

    Is there a bot out there commenting like this!

  26. Anonymous

    Looking fore someone to plant drugs on someone in Seattle area

  27. Anonymous

    Where can I get demon blood from

  28. Anonymous

    theres too much shit and im just trynna buy a kidney

  29. Anonymous

    How to Hack a Network at a Bank

  30. Anonymous

    where is a good en real forum for fraud jobs???

  31. Anonymous

    I want to hack fortnite


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