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RAMP is a forum-based marketplace set up for selling and distribution of various goods and services on the Russian marketplace. The entire site is in Russian without the possibility of on-site translation and for this reason one must understand Russian to be able to browse it.

Your TOR usage is being watched

There are a total of over 150 themes opened on this site and each of them represents a shop by a separate vendor. If you need to place an order it is done so by creating a thread after which the vendor should contact you personally. With this way of doing business the security is reduced, since there is no escrow and this poses the danger of vendor running off with your money. Make sure to use Tor with a VPN to access RAMP, Tor is not as secure as you may think.

On the other hand, the level of anonymity protection is quite high and the registration process is more complex than those on other sites. Aside from user name and password you will have to provide a mandatory email and fill out a captcha, as well.

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    Even foreigners at it or him taryatsja, a campaign o_0))))
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  2. unfortunately, as of July 2017, RAMP is dead. Will it be on again – we’ll see. It was the best drug dealing system in Russia…

  3. Hello guys. Does anyone know where I can buy anti flash stickers for car license plates? Any credible website or anyone who sells it? I’m sick of being fined for radars hidden in Portugal. Please help


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