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Python Market is a relatively new market on the web and is quickly gaining its reputation. It has a low commission rate which makes it attractive to a lot of vendors.

The layout of the website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. The products vary from drugs and chemicals to a vast selection of guides and tutorials about frauds and hacking accounts, CVV and cards as well as security and anonymity. Additionally, they offer software and malware items such as key loggers, bots, exploits and many e-books.

Python Market is a typical escrow market with Multisig and FE option for trusted vendors. Speaking about security, it is important to note that the market’s security include automatic PGP encryption for every order and 2-factor-authentication, which puts them on the list of the top secure markets.

Python Market has its referral link option, but it is not conditional for signing up.

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  1. Bradley Cohen

    Am I the only person who is perplexed by the continuing appearance of this Python Market overview within this comprehensive review of all DW marketplaces when, at the very top of the Python review, its present status is noted- in red text, no less- as “Dead”??

    Similarly, is there an alternative meaning to the red-colored “Dead” status description in view of the fact that, early in the Python review, it is said to be a relatively new market that is quickly increasing in popularity for the reasons set forth in the review?

    Also, the absence of ANY reader reviews or of any rating on a scale of 0-5 only serve to further confuse me as to whether the Python market is up and running or, per the red text, “Dead” and no longer in operation/existence.


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