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Drug Listing: 3986
Total Listing: 11660

Oasis Market has approximately the same amount of drugs and other goods available on its shelves. Apart from drugs and digital items, there are also some fraud and counterfeits, but not as nearly as much.

What makes this market unique is the fact that it doesn’t take commissions and vendor fees; their only income comes from donations.

Beside being free for use, Oasis Market features all protection measures available:PGP in communication with vendors; Multisig is also a must,plus there is also 2FA security measure.Also it uses escrow payment system, and doesn’t offer support for FE orders, although the option is available.

Website design is very clean, making the navigation smooth and user-friendly.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Oasis market offers a unique ‘one-time purchase’ feature which allows you to deposit the exact amount of bitcoins needed for the purchase.

The main virtue of Oasis Market is its admin team who protects the customers by banning scammers, refunding money when necessary, and all quite speedily and efficiently. The staff is also active on forums and open to suggestions.

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  1. Anonymous

    You should update your screenshots!

  2. need a deal mani. how do it reach me

  3. Anonymous

    Is this market gone now? its been offline for me for days…

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I’d like to know too…..

  4. Anonymous

    rip oasis market

  5. Anonymous

    I want further details

  6. Anonymous

    Is It going to reopen anytime soon?


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