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Drugs Listings – 22567
Total Listings – 32962

Nucleus is a standard escrow market that has existed for some time on the Dark Net. What separates them is that they accept Litecoins and Darkcoins along with Bitcoins as a currency. With its 18 thousand listings it is among the top 3 biggest marketplaces on Dark Net and over 11 thousand of those listings are drugs and drug related items.

Beware though, as there is an extremely large amount of phishing sites targeting Nucleus users, which can be seen from various posts on Nucleus’ sub reddit. The registration process consists of user name and password choice and a captcha verification, like with many other marketplaces. Listings are shown in separate fields with each of them having their image, vendor name and 5 star-based reputation, title and price shown immediately and a short description can be read upon clicking on them.

Take note that their customer support is said to be a little bit slow which can inconvenience you if you need their response urgently.

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