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Number of listings: 275
Number of drug listings: 90

Minerva Market is a relatively new Darknet marketplace that has appeared after Nucleus went down.

Admins of Minerva are claiming that the marketplace has been in testing for 5 months prior to its release and are still open for feedback regarding its improvement. Considering how new the marketplace is, the small amount of listings should not come as a surprise. There is, however, no restriction on the listing type, aside from CP, which means that one can find all sorts of different products and services on Minerva.

One concerning thing that has been pointed out by people regarding Minerva’s security is the fact that the site does not make encryption mandatory for buyers. This may come as a surprise, but admins are claiming that the website is secure on their end and that by making encryption optional they are trying to make the process of ordering easier for newer users. Another important thing to note is that the marketplace takes 0% provision and will do so for the first few months.

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