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Drugs Listings – 4209
Total Listings – 5918

Middle Earth Marketplace has started out as a small-scale shop and has grown to one of the most reputable marketplaces on Dark Net. The site has an interesting feature to turn Javascript on or off allegedly increasing anonymity. At the time of writing this, there are a total of 5.9 thousand listing, over 4 thousand of which are drug related, making this one of the larger-scale drug marketplaces.

The registration process consists of deciding on user name and password and simple captcha verification. The whole site has a slightly unusual appearance, since most of the sites on Dark Net, unlike this one, are built to look simple, making them easy to migrate.

If you are looking to conduct business on Middle Earth marketplace, you will have to do so using bitcoins and a third-party wallet, which means you will have to provide a security code for your wallet.

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