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Megapack is a shop run by vendors Darkmarket, Megatazz, and Fake. According to their website they are a one, little, 2-item shop but they offer 2 huge items. Those 2 items are the Megapack Project and the Megapack Update.

These items are essentially a huge library or a collection of all the knowledge, tools and guides on various topics ranging from frauds and hacking to information on guns, drugs, and even banned ebooks.

All this information is collected, well-organized and then sold at a fixed price of $130. There are over 10 thousand different tutorials and guides in the Megapack, and all of them are included in the price. One can also become an official reseller of Megapack for a price of 0.5 Bitcoin.

The site itself is not the most pretty thing one will lay their eyes upon, but it is secure and reliable enough to get the job done and has one of the highest uptimes of all vendor shops of Darknet.

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  • Megapack URL: megadnmnuogrn4ik.onion
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    Do check if this site is still up< cos its presently unavailable


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