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MedsGuru is a vendor shop opened by a vendor under the same name who has been vending pharmaceuticals from marketplaces like Evolution, Agora, Middle Earth, and Abraxas.

According to the information provided on their site, the majority of the products on MedsGuru are sourced from India or China. It is for this reason that they can offer prices that are much lower than those of their competitors.

Thanks to this the whole operation tends to seem on the shady side, and the reviews of many users all over Darknet do not go in favor of MedsGuru. There is an abundance of accusations regarding the sale of fake or expired medication or even scamming, but all of those are dismissed by MedsGuru’s admins as their competitors trying to undermine them. Be that as it may, Indian pharmaceutical industry is not known for its reliability, but despite that MedsGuru claims that all their products are 100% genuine. The website itself is very poor looking and the only information it provides are the products in stock and some basic contact information.

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