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Another vendor shop opened by a reputable vendor from Cryptomarket and AlphaBay, who goes by the name of Maghreb. The store is a relatively small one, selling a few different sorts of weed and hashish. There is also a possibility of ordering a so-called “Gold Pack” which includes 5 different flavors of hashish.

Ordering is done without escrow, meaning there is no possibility of depositing your money since there are no personal accounts.

Admins of this site do not require their customers to encrypt their emails, but encryption is strongly encouraged. As with most markets the only acceptable currency is Bitcoin and all the information regarding the Bitcoin transaction are to be sent with shipping information. According to the information from their site MaghrebHashish Store ships its products worldwide with the exception of New Zealand, Australia, and Scandinavia, since their packages rarely get to their buyers in these countries. Looking into their reviews, one can see that Maghreb has a pretty good reputation and is one of the top sellers of hashish on Darknet.

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  1. Anonymous

    looking for couple kilo off high grde weed ak47 or jack berry,if its good stuff it will be an order 2/3 times a week

  2. Anonymous

    Hi how can i in vitiated

  3. Anonymous

    We are still here the website is not offline

  4. Anonymous

    This man mahgreb hash store is an out and out scammer, avoid at all costs,4 weeks ive been waiting and also couldn’t show me proof of delivery, and ignored emails and failed to refund, avoid at all costs

  5. Anonymous

    trusted hash seller since EVO these guys are number one for getting pounds


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