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Lelantos is one of the top secure email providers on Darknet and offers several features that make it a good choice for anybody looking to do business on Darknet.

Firstly,several different payment plans are different between them based on the length of subscription, but all of them offer same features. There is a 6-month subscription for $10, a 12-month subscription for $18 and also a lifetime subscription that will set us back for $32. All of the above subscription plans come with a 1GB storage space, 5 different email sub-accounts, and 100 email aliases.

There is also the possibility of choosing between Javascript-based and non Javascript-based login. While the services they offer are really good, and the security they provide are exceptional, there are a lot of complaints on third party websites about their support system, which apparently tends to take long to resolve users’ issues and often fails to do so completely.

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