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Honest Cocaine’s shop was opened as a standalone shop by a trusted vendor from Agora and BlackBank markets. The store is said to have a solid and reliable shipping system. All orders are done in bitcoins and from a personal wallet, without the use of third-party programs.

The site’s security also seems to be on a commendable level, providing protection from scams, bitcoin theft and site downtime due to government seizure. Registration process is a little bit more complicated than those on other sites and includes the use of several layers of captcha protection to ensure its safety.

Site owners also advise their respective customers to provide a valid e-mail, so they can send out daily updates on their order’s location. The total amount of listings on this site is 19 and all of them are high-quality Colombian cocaine.

There are several different sized orders to choose from and there is no possibility of a custom-sized order.

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