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Update: Hansa Closed Down By Law Enforcement – Here is the story https://darkwebnews.com/news/hansa-market-shut-dutch-authorities/

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Drugs Listings – 18981
Total Listings – 41113

Hansa Market is the Dark Web market which boasts of its really extreme safety measures; it even goes so far as to claim that there is no possibility of anyone running away with customers’ bitcoins – neither vendors nor the site itself; so it’s basically immune to exit-scam, which is really nice to know.

It is built upon, as they call it, trustless system. Multi-signature system prevents vendors as well as the site staff to access the deposited bitcoins until the buyer finalizes the transaction. Also, there is no “Finalize Early” option.

Hansa Market differs from the other Dark Web markets in a way that it is one of the few “not strictly drug markets” since only 1/4 of the total listings is drugs.

There is a large variety of other products and services as well, such as Lab Supplies, Digital Goods, Erotica, Jewelry, Services, Guides & Tutorials, Fraud Related, Electronics, Counterfeits, Security & Hosting, and finally – Miscellaneous.


The marketplace design is neat; it is easily accessed and loads surprisingly fast, especially when you have in mind the speed limit of Tor Browser with a VPN.

On the other hand, the forum is almost dead, having only several threads with very few posts on it. So, it is believed that the community of Hansa Market has yet to grow.

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  1. Anybody know who sell real green cards for cheap because I keep looking but there’s only scammers out there to ripe people for their hard earned money like nothing and open up a new website or phone number.

  2. Hansa market has been hacked by the Dutch police, it allowed them to gather private information of a lot of users. I think you’re safe if you’ve used PGP though.
    Anyway, it is down now.. RIP Hansa Market, hope the admins are safe.


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