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The best way to understand Grams is to think of it as the Google of the DarknetMarkets. Even its logo and the homepage resemble the one of the Google. In the upper left-hand corner, you will see the logo while in the right one there are Helix, HelixLight, InfoDesk, and LogIn sections.

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The center of the homepage is reserved for the search engine, and below it, you can access any of the Helix or InfoDesk entries.

Let’s start with the InfoDesk. It helps you search for the vendors and products. There is the list of top vendors, and once you click on any of them, the first thing you will notice is the star-rating. If you wish to review the vendor, you can do it after you log in of course.

Below his name there is the list of vendor’s pages, and finally, the listings. They are not numbered, and the number of listings varies from vendor to vendor, but you can see their names, and most importantly name of the market in which you get it. Scrolling down takes you to the reviews, and they are sorted by the Markets.

Helix is the bitcoin cleaner. It helps you clean the old ones, and gives you new ones also. HelixLight is the simplified version of Helix, and Flow lets you explore the hidden sites by keywords.

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