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Pushing Taboo is a personal marketplace run by a famous vendor GammaGoblin (short GG) who has been vending from dark net marketplaces such as Silk Road v1 and v2, Sheep Marketplace, Black Market Reloaded, Evolution, Agora, Middle Earth, and Black Bank.

The reason for this marketplace’s creation, according to its creator, lies in the fact that the centralized marketplaces are not stable and are prone to being shut down or its admins performing an exit scam. For this reason, GammaGoblin provides discounted prices when purchasing from Pushing Taboo.

The site itself is very well made and provides all the necessary information and much more about each product. Everything from concentration to effects based on dosages can be found here, making it much more approachable for new users.

Payment is conducted “on the spot” meaning that the funds cannot be deposited to the site’s centralized wallet. This somewhat proves that the marketplace is a trustworthy one.

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  1. Anonymous

    He’s basically a bulk vendor. Their shipping times are kinda slow, but comments and opinions are solid.

  2. Anonymous

    I think we got scammed.
    Can’t log on as it keeps saying incorrect password. Two accounts both times it works 3 or so times. Then ‘password incorrect’ comes up. No idea what he is doing this for. Anyone had similar problems?

  3. Anonymous

    how I cant IN ? … cant talk ?

  4. Anonymous

    Use PGP login instead of password login. Never fails for me.

  5. Anonymous

    somone here hack

  6. Anonymous

    Does anyone know what happend to Gamma? used for ever, no issues. Site has been ofline for a while now hope everything is okay

  7. Anonymous

    Lucy and Haley both need dinner. Oh boy!

  8. Anonymous

    My head hurts!

  9. Anonymous

    Laid an order yesterday and payment is confirmed by my wallet but when i check my order status on the site it says its unpaid, left messages but no answer yet, seems like a scam/broken site

    • Anonymous

      happening the same thing for me right now..

  10. Anonymous

    Someone could tell me how to jump the connection of the mobile of my neighbor

  11. Anonymous

    SCAM. if you want what you pay for, look elsewhere. Been waiting for over a month for paper and nothing in the mail since. Have a feeling that the good reviews are bots.

    • Anonymous

      Recieved my order in just over 3 weeks 🙂 had even messaged back and forth with the man, most likely your order was lost in the mail due to how much mail is being shipped for Christmas. this site is NOT a scam and is very well alive and working.

      • Anonymous

        that sounds so shady lmao

  12. Anonymous

    Any update?

  13. Anonymous

    I’m waiting for paper also, more than 2 weeks, shipping to Europe. I don’t know where is he shipping from but usually other things arrive within few days.

  14. Anonymous

    site seems to be down right now, maybe opening up after xmas?

  15. Anonymous

    Still down?
    Any news from them about why they are down?

  16. Anonymous

    plzzzzz help

  17. Anonymous

    GammaGoblin has been compromised.

    His servers are likely under the control LEO.


  18. Anonymous

    I placed an order recently and as soon as I paid the order it disapeared and no more messages comming in from the admins… waiting a few weeks to see if shipment arrives but so far not looking too good..

  19. Anonymous

    This site is the best. Easy to pay and easy to communicate. I just received my order after 2 weeks to South America. Thank you GG. Now, let’s open the mind!

  20. Anonymous

    how can i know some one credit card pin

  21. Anonymous

    so have anyone bought any software from them and got it delivered successfully without any bad experience

  22. Anonymous

    hello have anyone got any issues with software delivery before?

  23. Anonymous

    what is with all these recent post regarding scamming, or seizure? can anyone confirm?


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