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Drugs Listings – 754
Total Listings – 754

East India Company is an escrow marketplace site dedicated to European market. Registering for this site is pretty straight forward, since all that is needed is user name, password and security pin for your bitcoin wallet, followed by a standard captcha verification and you are set.

The store has 754 listings making it much smaller than most marketplace sites, with all of its listings being drugs and drug related items. Vendors on this site are ranked by levels, signifying how well reputed they are. Site listings are represented in the form of a list with each item having their image, title, vendor name and reputation and price visible.

There is also a possibility of changing the sites language from English to either German, Dutch, Spanish, French or Italian. Bitcoins have to be used in case one wants to conduct a purchase from this site and bitcoin prices are readily available in the sidebar.

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