Users Complain of Lost Bitcoin Amid Dream Market Outage

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The popular darknet site Dream Market went offline temporarily, and users report that their Bitcoin wallet balance was affected by the brief downtime.

Dream Market became one of the most popular marketplaces within the dark web when the top two marketplaces, AlphaBay and Hansa, were taken down by law enforcement authorities over the summer.

Users were left looking for an alternate platform to continue their operations performing Bitcoin transactions and buying various illicit items on the dark web.

When dealing with websites and service providers who are not legally recognized by the government, there are several issues that customers have to face on a daily basis.

The most notorious of them all is when a website shuts down with no response; users can only assume that it was taken down by law enforcement authorities.

Dream Market’s Unexpected Outage

Recently, Dream Market went dark all of a sudden and users were in a frenzy to know what happened on the service provider’s side.

Most people conclude that when websites close down without any notice, it obviously refers to an exit scam.

Your TOR usage is being watched

The exit scam is a notorious method used by marketplaces all over the dark web, wherein they take enough Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency funds from users to abscond at an unexpected point without further explanation.

When any website would go down without any explanation, it is the obvious conclusion that users would come to.

Precisely by definition, the dark web is a place where you don’t get any kind of guarantee as to when your cash would go missing but the real story behind this temporary shutdown of Dream Market was something else.

A couple of hours later, representatives of the marketplace surfaced on the popular social forum website Reddit.

Official Explanation

Reddit is one of the very few websites where darknet dealers surface now and then to share their version of the story.

However, when administrators of Dream Market took to Reddit, the team confirmed that the website went offline because of a hard drive crash.

It is supposed to be their primary hard drive which crashed and led to an important wallet file getting corrupted.

When users went online again and logged into the website, they found that many of their Bitcoin funds were missing in the panel.

Based on the team’s explanation, this has been caused because of the corrupted wallet file.

The team has confirmed that they are looking into the problem and will restore the wallet balance as it was previously.

There may be some issues initially but the admins are confident that they will eventually be able to sort things out in due time.

Dream Admins Say They Didn’t Steal Users’ Funds

Bitcoin coin on a us dollars
The team behind Dream Market sent the message that they never stole users’ Bitcoins.

The most important message the team behind Dream Market wants all users to know is that they never stole users’ Bitcoins.

They say they never had such intentions, and the entire issue occurred because of an unexpected hard drive crash.

Besides, in order to fix things and bring them back to normal, there have been occasional shutdowns of the website for a few minutes—which always causes users get panicked.

As confirmed in their official Reddit page and by other users, this is nothing to worry about because in order to fix the corrupt wallet file, as well as retrieve all the information, they have to obviously shut the site down now and then.

It’s part of their maintenance process.

Is the Site Under FBI Control?

While the company continues to claim that everything is fine and they are back to operation, as usual, a solid percentage of users strongly believe that the website is now under FBI control.

The suspicion is that Dream Market is being operated by the law enforcement agencies to find what kind of illegal goods people may buy using Bitcoin and to also nab culprits who purchase such items with proper evidence.

Dream Market is the only remaining heavily populated darknet marketplace to trade goods or services over the dark web.

However, the suspicious activities on the site and wallets being emptied suddenly have pushed lots of users to log off their accounts.

The marketplace may not reach the huge popularity and trust it enjoyed for the past couple of years, but it may remain operational if it is still run by the original admins, as they claim to do so.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yeah dream market is behaving strangely enough. I took my coins and left.

  2. Anonymous

    If I am set with my VPN and TOR Engine and Duck browser are all in line is there any reason I should not venture into the unknown? In other words, what reason would a regular unkinky sober guy look for on the darkweb? If there is nothing interested, exciting, whatever, should I bother?

  3. Anonymous

    didn’t the guy with the beard the flew to the US get arrested, the guy that was affiliated with dream?

  4. Anonymous

    anyone know why was seized?
    Apparently a blatant abuse of power and greed to take this totally legal bitcoin bank.

  5. Anonymous

    Thought it was an Exit Scam also as the article explained, logged in & …”this site can’t be reached”
    This was the middle of Sept. after a couple of days trying to get any info on what happened…nothing!
    No explanation from DM & no one else had a clue. I checked off my losing of BTC’s as a fucking learning experience. A friend said ” if you’re on the Deep/Dark web assume everything is a scam” All sites, persons, offers, deals, freebies, are subject to suspicion. Regardless of rating, reviews, longevity, especially if it sounds too good to be true!!! Now as I mentioned, I accepted my lost. And damn it! I check out DM cause I saw on a board it was Up & Open also, my coins were still in my account. Could this be one of those LE take over’s??? If I can withdraw my funds, I’m out’a here!

  6. Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter how long that market has been down even one person having a hiccup in Dream it generated a deluge of FUD. Is is a exit scam or something like it everyday. Some thing it is a long exit scam, like for years. It is positively stupid. Theses markets are not Amazon or EBAY and the people who populate these markets are drug dealers and buyers so shit may happen both ways so get used to it and stop cryin and buck the fuck up and stay cool.

  7. Anonymous

    WISH I KNEW ABOUT THIS… just deposited $400 to my Dream Market Wallet… 13 confirmations now, still have a zero balance – is there any possible chance of getting my money back? any help is greatly appreciated – ofina

  8. Anonymous

    deposited 100£ into my account, without knowing whats going on…I had 6£ come through out of that 100£…FUCKED UP

  9. Anonymous

    recently deposited 300$ btc slow to show up but did ordered and have received goods from two different vendors received paks on Oct 18th so Dream working for me as of now-

  10. Anonymous

    Going on 2 days ago I removed .0153 btc from Dream. I cannot mention due to safety issues which wallet I transfereed the coin into. However the amount of coin is pending still and has gone up significantly due to the couple thousand dollar rise in the value of bitcoin from Dec 14th to Dec 16th 2017. The issue is that the transaction off of Dream market into my other wallet is still pending. when I investigate the details i get taken to Blockcycher where it shows a 30% confidence level and 0/6 confirmations and a transfer to another wallet address that is not associated with any of my addresses, after further investigations these 2 other wallet addreses have not yet been confirmed and the bitcoin has not been spent. I have used Dream for years and never have I had an issue transferring funds back off of the market into alternative wallets, the longest transfer times have been maybe a few hours and that was back when you could message back and forth with the Dream Admins which until now apparently because i havent transferred money off of Dream often, you cannot message back and forth with admins. This is very fishy. Just a warning to anyone using the Dream Market Tumblr to take funds off the market, be careful, because as of now it looks like the Admins are screwing me and my Dream wallet Bitcoin symbol E-7. Ive never sen anything like this. I have low hopes for retrieving my money. If you plan to put money on Dream, spend it quickly and only with vendors you know u can totally trust. It would not be surprising to me if the market has been hijacked by the feds. Why is there no longer an option to communicate with Dream Admins? I see no other reason, experienced users both buyers and vendors dont leave much money on the market anymore specifically for this reason. So Dream cn be used successfully still but everyone must be very careful, Im unsure if real Dark admins still run the Dream Market.

  11. Anonymous

    I’ve had 2 transaction to DM wallet which stays on pending for few days and then vanishes!


  12. Anonymous

    Yep, same here. I used to use Valhalla, after it closed decided to give DM a try. Made my first deposit of apprx €110 worth of bitcoin but my account showed only €31. Told support, no help. They straight stole my money. That’s messed up. I know I didn’t loose as much as most people did, but its a lot to me.

  13. Anonymous

    I have had several orders accepted and showing shipped but never showed up. These were all from repeat Vendors I have done business (several times). I believe the FEDS have control and are gathering info before shutting the entire site down. I have lost over $600 because of Orders that never showed up. (4 orders in total)

  14. Anonymous

    I ordered from DM this week and all was well.

  15. Anonymous

    Same thing here: I must have lost 140 pounds worth of bitcoin in total. I had just put £100 in recently and withing a few minutes i only had £15 left. DM works most of the time for me but within the last week money has been going missing. That’s the first time that has happened to me.

    I’d recommend only putting in what you need and spend it as soon as you can, it’s seem a little presumptive to stop using DM altogether but it seems like a better idea to stop using it for the time being. But maybe this is a sign of DM going down which would be a shame.

    On a slightly related note I’d advice anyone not to use Onion Wallet, you’re guaranteed to never see that money again.

  16. Anonymous

    Just lost 400$ on DM..

  17. Anonymous

    Next Dream Market News — All our images of your products were lost… can you re-upload 🙂 plz

  18. Anonymous

    hi can anyone explain what happened , i bought £70 worth bitcoin and transferred it into my dream market wallet and spent £60 on 2 orders and had £10 left but when i got up in morning and logged on to see if my items got shipped and there is nothing now theres no history of me placing the 2 orders or even ever putting bitcoin in the account . its as if it never happened so if anybody can leave me advice please do thank you

  19. Anonymous

    Just lost over £100 on dream market, was being verified for hours so messaged support and got an answer a couple of hours later, by this time payment had went through and was in my wallet, woke up in the morning to go and order and the money was gone. Theiving ADMIN BASTARDS.

  20. Anonymous

    Dream stole $1700 from me today. Not a victim of “phishing” as I have never clicked on a “admin link to reset PW” or anything like that.

    I was logged into DM, found what I wanted, added to cart and logged off. Bought btc, transfered to my DM account. Logged in a couple times after To see IF BTC went through. First 2 times wasn’t there yet so logged off.

    Got back in or tried to and got the “password not valid” or whatever the exact verbiage is when a 2fa has been set up. I obviously never set that up (which I should have years ago..), but now I cannot get into my 3yr+ old acct.

    Again I’ve been a buyer since SR1 days. I have never even had a dispute on any market. Just buyer who consumes and leaves positive feedback.

    I’m told my acct was compromised by a phishing link. That would be ok IF I had ever used a different process to login other that what I have always done the last 3 yrs. then I google and this SAME thing has accrued to about a dozen others and those are just the ones posting on a specific forum.

    All I see is accounts on the web of buyers vendors getting scammed. Yes some are legit phishing links, but in my case and what seems like many others this is a classic inside job…

  21. Anonymous

    ive transfered 250€ last night 22.00. i visited this link: x3x2dw6vtd6prnkc.onion wich says is verified. 10 hours ago, still nothing. scammed? is it a phishing link?

  22. Anonymous

    I transfered 250 euros from my localbitcoins wallet to dream mark with url adress x3x2dw6vtd6prnkc.onion that says are verified and the url are working most of the time.

    Yesterday my wallet adress on my dream market account started with 1HXPC… and a text was showing under it saying the adress would stay valid til the 18 February.

    Today when i login to my localbitcoins account i could see it has been confirmed 137 times and should have reached its destination, then i login to my dream market account and still no bitcoins showing in my wallet but what i could see was that i had a new bitcoin adress to my wallet also saying valid til 18 February and the adress started now with 1FX8K….

    Looks like a very well done phising link or something evil is going on, like dream market are scamming me. There forum does not work today but was working last night.

    I have no contact options to with any admin at all. No contact informations at all.


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