Controversy: Are Dream Market Admins Randomly Banning Vendors and Stealing Their Bonds?

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Dream Market vendors accuse admins of banning their accounts and stealing their bonds. No official explanation has been given by the support team.

Dream Market has carved a niche for itself in the darknet market world. Many have attributed the success of this marketplace to the fall of its once-successful counterparts, AlphaBay and Hansa.

In this respect, Dream Market has joined the league of the most popular darknet marketplaces online today.

Dream has enjoyed prolonged periods of positive reviews in the dark web community. This aspect is owed to the fact that it is favorably disposed to new ideas, such as the integration of Bitcoin Cash as a payment option.

Needless to say, the darknet market scene has its problems. It is expected that the trade in illicit goods begets structural issues that may instigate negative outcomes for darknet vendors. This element stems from general government shutdowns to in-house marketplace issues.

While some such problems cannot be directly linked to a particular site, some darknet marketplaces have been placed in the spotlight for gross malpractice. And Dream Market has not been an exception.

In recent developments, Dream vendors have lodged complaints about the purported theft of their bonds and the indiscriminate banning of their accounts by admins.

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But how serious is this issue?

Dark Web News sought to find this out.

A Review of Vendor Testimonies

Discussions posted by vendors on the Dream Market Forum claim that admins have been randomly banning vendor accounts and stealing their bonds.

One vendor, “h2oisgreathere2,” expressed his grievances in a long post that would highlight the administrative issues that have mired Dream Market. He sought help from the admins, while at the same time sounding his frustration over the possibility of getting assistance in the first place.

According to his post, the vendor’s account was banned “for no reason,” and the Dream Market support team had been ignoring his distress calls. This problem has persisted although the vendor maintains that they have never violated Dream’s terms and conditions in any way.

Through writing, he has attempted to reach out to the support team with no substantial response. The vendor pleaded through the forum to have his profile revived and the account issues restored, once and for all.

In his account, he poses that his predicament has culminated in indescribable degrees of inconvenience and economic loss. Various darknet customers have been kept in waiting as he still awaits the restoration of his account.

The Dream Market vendor went on to make a follow-up post on the matter. In his writing, he directly accused the site’s admins of basically banning vendors for no apparent reason.

This occurrence is connected to the infamous theft of vendor bonds by the same admins who perpetrate these practices without remorse or explanation. It is an aggressive “ban and steal” operation (see screenshot).

Screenshot from Dream Market Member

Another member, “Paolo400,” has also come out to table his grievances concerning the abrupt banning of his username without an explanation from the Dream Market admins. He claims that a host of letters directed to the support team has borne no fruit.

Dream Market has not given him a reply so far, yet he maintains that he has always operated within the confines of the rules provided by the marketplace. Like h2oisgreathere2, Paolo400 has sustained significant economic losses for the time he has not been able to serve his loyal customers.

On the other hand, a user known as “Jay1569” appears to sympathize with the rest of his peers in the same forum. He has experienced problems with his vendor account but has been lucky to have lost little.

Nonetheless, his worries continue to grow as he lingers in uncertainty concerning the expected assistance that he hopes to receive from the support team. In his view, he has been able to study the recent issues affecting the marketplace and hopes that the admins will serve their clients accordingly.

He terms the problems as the “Dream Decline,” which is typified by a backlog of tasks that have accumulated in the past few weeks. While Jay1569’s account has not been banned yet, he seems paranoid about the coming days and what he expects of his account status (see screenshot).

Screenshot from Dream Market Member

Another user named “kushmaster2211” also claims that he has been unable to log into his vendor account for months. He too has employed, unsuccessfully, every trick in the bag to salvage the situation. This measure includes an update of his password, a step that he hoped would restore the account.

He cannot access the account to serve his customers and keeps receiving a “login unsuccessful” prompt every time he attempts to visit his page. This challenge has prompted him to reach the Dream Market support team, which has been aloof for some time.

The latest reply that he received from the Dream Market team instructed him to contact one “speedstepper,” who would assist with account restoration.

While this scenario may appear to be similar to other cases in the Dream market platform, kushmaster2211 has revealed that his account has locked a substantial amount of Bitcoins that were held in the wallet. He is demanding a refund of his vendor bond by the Dream Market admins. Unfortunately, nothing constructive seems to be developing to that effect (see below).

Screenshot from Dream Market Member

Further, “ExpandYourMind,” another Dream Market vendor, made a post that reflected on the predicament suffered by his fellows. He has waited for a whopping six months for Dream’s support team to resolve his account issues. In fact, he appears to have lost all faith in Dream Market as he asserts that his post is meant to caution other vendors about the possibility of sustaining losses owing to the market’s woes (see screenshot).

Screenshot from Dream Market Member

He cites a September 2017 hardware crash that Dream Market suffered and connected this to the current account issues affecting vendors. At the time, it was speculated that Dream was planning an ambitious exit scam that would see users losing their coins.

In this vendor’s account, the 2017 Dream Market crash struck his bond and caused him to sustain $3,500 (USD) in losses. He would immediately contact Dream Market support and receive a promise to have the problem solved manually. But the support team did not honor the end of the bargain and kept him agonizing for a full four months; there was absolutely no word from them.

In a final word, ExpandYourMind cautions vendors against trusting Dream Market. It was natural that the admins would value him for being a vendor with an impressive 5/5 rating. In this breath, it becomes very clear that Dream Market’s admins are deliberately banning vendor accounts and stealing their heard-earned bonds.

“Thatsuperdrugfeeling” is another Dream Market vendor that has voiced his grievances regarding malpractices orchestrated by the DM admins. In this post (see below), he revealed that he had been a victim of unfair profile banning and loss of vendor bonds.

Screenshot from Dream Market Member

An initial encounter with Dream’s reported incompetence had forced him to redeposit the vendor bond to be allowed the opportunity to do business again. The expectation was that Dream Market would later remit an original refund to the user, but this did not happen.

Instead, the bond was taken away without any official explanation. Thatsuperdrugfeeling has been consistent in raising his concerns to the support team, only for him to receive empty promises of “it will be sorted out soon.”

In a similar twist, shack7 sums up the forum’s discussion by labeling Dream Market admins as scammers who stole his funds and shattered his hopes of trading in the marketplace successfully (see screenshot).

Screenshot from Dream Market Member

Dream Market Marked by History of Issues

Did Dream Market’s problems begin yesterday?

According to statistics provided by DarkNet Stats, Dream Market was gradually dissolving over the last weeks of the year 2017. As reported by one DM vendor, “daryldaryl,” a one-time login mistake cost him his vendor account.

According to his testimony, an attempt to reset his password ultimately disabled his account. Efforts to get the attention of Dream Market’s support team proved futile as his message went unanswered. His account was later disabled, and this automatically meant that he had lost his vendor bond.

Specifically, the fate of his Bitcoins stands to be unknown; they were probably stolen (see screenshot).

Screenshot from Dream Market Member

Similarly, “momentbooks” made a Dream Market Forum post in 2017 (see screenshot) to echo vendor grievances about login difficulties. He declared his decision to desist from all attempts at re-registration following the breakdown of his vendor account. He would only be open to re-registration after ascertaining that Dream Market is reformed altogether.

Screenshot from Dream Market Member

Otherwise, he still distresses over his lost Bitcoins and believes that Dream Market is largely compromised.

What Does the Dream Market Support Team Say?

By now, it is already established by vendor comments that the Dream Market support team has been rooted in incompetence for months. While vendor complaints continue to rent the Dream Market Forum, a few responses have been made to users regarding account discrepancies.

One administrator, speedstepper, advised that vendors may use the Middle Earth vendor verification to establish trust within the marketplace (see screenshot).

Screenshot from Dream Market Administrator

Further, “CaptainPlanet” posted that the support team handles tons of work, and would surely resolve every vendor’s dispute.

In this regard, he requested that vendors exercise patience as the Dream Market team works on the processes that would see the alleviation of vendor complaints on the platform (see screenshot).

Screenshot from Dream Market Member

While this would be a natural response to vendor grievances, many users brand this statement as a feeble excuse considering the high volume of support tickets that are still awaiting responses.

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