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A Dream Market forum operating on the clearnet has caught the attention of the admins since they have inserted a link to the forum on the marketplace.

Forums are an essential hub for darknet users to discuss and share experiences as well as ask questions on specific issues that they may face when using the dark web.

Currently, some of the top markets have built-in forums, whereas others do not. However, for some of the markets that have built-in discussion panels for their customers, one is required to register to participate in the chats.

One thing to note about forums is that they do not necessarily have to be built by the site. It can be anyone else dedicated to improving the welfare of the community, as is the case with a user known as HugBunter, who developed Dread, a Reddit-like platform for darknet users.

In one of the recent developments regarding Dream Market, a new forum named DeepWeb Network was developed primarily for Dream users. The owners of the forum are categorically clear that their website, which operates on the clearnet, has no affiliation whatsoever to the actual market.

As of now, it seems that the new forum has gained the attention the admins of the marketplace because Dream Market has mentioned it and further inserted the link for so that its customers can have a look it.

According to Dream Market’s “Team Speedsteppers,” members of the marketplace are welcome to try out the new platform in the event the main forum is down, which may be caused by a variety of reason such as broken links. (See the screenshot below.)

Your TOR usage is being watched

New Dream Market Forum has been launched

How Does the Forum Work?

For DeepWeb Network, one does not necessarily need to register in order to check out what other people are discussing in the forum.

However, to have exclusive access to the market and get notifications via email based on the preference of an individual, then it is a must to register a working email address.

Given the nature of activities that happen on darknet markets, it is advisable that a person who uses the marketplace to purchase or sell should not create an account with their actual names as it may lead to law enforcement agencies catching up with them in the event of any investigations.

Based on what the person wants to find out, several categories cover specific subjects, which include announcements, market discussion, tutorials, guides and news stories.

Rules of Engagement

Just like any other platform out there, the rules of engagement matter and are used to determine how users should operate. But one of the things to note is that the forum does not allow any advertising irrespective of who it is.

Other important things for a registered member to take note of is avoiding divulging too much personal information when posting, no outsourcing of clients, no selling market accounts which happen to be in demand, no doxing, stick to the subject, research first, among many others.

Users of the Forum

Abstract connection dots from Dream Market Protocol
For law enforcement, it is common for them to employ undercover methods, among other tactics, whenever they want to infiltrate a target.

The DeepWeb Network is designed for Dream Market users, but others can still use it to post information not purely related to the marketplace.

But the admins of the forum state that the reason why they created the site to cater Dream Market users is because Dream happens to be the biggest darknet market in existence at the moment.

Apart from those who buy and sell from Dream Market, other parties likely to use forum are lurking law enforcement agents, as well as admins of other darknet markets.

For law enforcement, it is common for them to employ undercover methods, among other tactics, whenever they want to infiltrate a target.

And for admins of other sites, it is always important for them to keep an eye on competing markets because if they fall for one reason or the other, then customers will need to find new avenues to trade.



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