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User Guide URL: https://darkwebnews.com/go/DreamMarketGuide
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Drugs Listings – 45110
Total Listings – 81785

Your TOR usage is being watched

Dream Market is another in a line of escrow markets catering to the needs of vendors looking to sell various exotic goods. The shop has little over 2.5 thousand listings with nearly 1.8 of those listings being drugs or drug related items.

Browsing of the marketplace, with Tor and a good VPN, is possible without signing in, but selling or buying can be only conducted after logging in with an account. As with many other marketplace sites, bitcoin is the currency of choice here and one can quickly check his bitcoin wallet by looking at the top of the site.

Registration for Dream Market is pretty simple and consists of user name and password choice followed by a standard captcha verification. The site itself is also built to be easy to navigate with right sidebar showing the number of listings and category names, which include jewelry, forgeries, hardware and software, as well as a wide range of different narcotics.


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Dream Market,
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  1. so whats going on with Dream Market IO cannot access my account all day and when I could they asked to changes all sorts of passwords and such, I think I lost my BC

    • see if your on the right url you could be on a fishing site.Message the administrator all ways check if your on the right site peace!

  2. Is dream market down?
    Server cannot be connected.

  3. i´ve the same problem, can´t log in, what happens? thx

  4. Guys the way to get on is click on User guide URL, then click on the link in that section.



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