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Drug Listing: 2332
Total Listing: 5232

Dr. D’s seems to be a new version of Mr. Nice Guy Marketplace, and it is mostly drug oriented with almost half of its products listed as drugs. There are other stuff for sale too, but definitely the drug category is most populated.

As soon as you try to register to this site, you will see that these guys care about protection. The only way to register on Dr. D’s Market is using the referral link, and there are separate registration links for buyers and sellers and you will have to pass captchatest to be able to complete the registration.

The design of the market is clean and getting around is pretty simple. Dr. D’s Market features probably the most extensive category liston the entire Dark Web and majority of subcategories have at least one listing, making the market well organized and sorted.The list includes even stuff like apparel, art, collectibles, food and plenty of other stuff you will not find at other markets.

Really, the only thing about this market that slightly put us out was that the market went offline just atthe time of writing this short description; we certainly do hope that this isn’t a regular occurrence.

Your TOR usage is being watched

The most interesting thing about Dr. D’s Marketplace is it supports several languages- French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, German,Hungarian, Polish, Danish, Swedish, Romanian,Albanian, Turkish, Portuguese, and Thai.

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