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Colombiaconnection is a standalone store on Dark Net opened by a level 5 vendor of Evolution market. Their primary listing is high purity Colombian cocaine, but there are other listings in their store as well that do not include drugs.

The total number of listings is 48 with drugs taking up 10 of those. The site is built nicely and loads and responds quickly, making browsing it smooth and comfortable.

The registration panel is either hard to find or does not exist at this time, which is weird considering that Colombiaconnection is a standard marketplace-type site, which requires you to login to place an order.

Their sub reddit shows good reviews to both their services and their products. Owners of the site say that if the delivery is not made in 30 days they will resend the product and if it does not come through after that, they will refund all the coins spent.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m interested in trying this send me what I have to do to get started thanks Brian


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