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Chris Carter Weed Market is by far one of the most well made and professionally built sites on Dark Net. The site is made for marketing, selling and distributing purposes of certain Chris Carter.

The primary selling item on this site is high-quality grade AAA+ weed, but there are some other items like speed and MDMA offered here as well.

At the bottom of the site you will find three functions: reviews, hall of fame, and looking for something else. The reviews tab speaks for itself; it is a place or customers to leave a feedback of the products they acquired from the site. The Hall of Fame is there for those who would like to review and look at the products that were once in stock but are no longer available. Lastly, there is the option of contacting the support of the site in order for them to help you find a variety of weed that you tried but can no longer get your hands on.

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