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Babylon Down or Up: Dead

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Drugs Listings – 56
Total Listings – 636

Babylon is a marketplace built mainly to cater to the needs of Italian buyers and vendors. While some portions of the site are written in English, most of it is in Italian and knowledge of the language will be needed to conduct business.

After following the link you will land on a page which will prompt you to enter a captcha and also warn you to check the URL in case you have landed on a phishing site. After that you will have to register in order to use the site.

The homepage of the site has consists of two parts. A chat panel takes up the upper part of the site, while the lower part is reserved for marketplace listings.

Since this is a marketplace with a specific language region in mind it is no wonder that there are only 650 listings, 56 of which are drug listings. Most of item names and descriptions are written in Italian, so again, the knowledge of the language will be needed.

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