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AlphaBay Down or Up: Down / Offline

NOTE: AlphaBay Was Seized by The Feds in July 2017. No Longer Active. Go to the Market List To find the current best online markets.

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Drugs Listings – 258392

Total Listings – 380403

AlphaBay is a simple marketplace web site made by the user alpha02 to cater to the needs of people wanting to sell different things around the world.

When following the Alphabay URL link with Tor and a VPN, the first page you will run into is AlphaBay’s captcha page made as a DDoS protection. It will give you a string of numbers written with letters and prompt you to write them with digits in a designated field. After verification you will be redirected to the home page which is also the main page of the shop.

Here you can browse through many different categories of listings, both legal and illegal. The site has few listings shy of 20 thousand and surprisingly a lot less drug listings proportional to total listings at ‘only’ 9 thousand. Other listings include jewelry, credit cards, weapons, etc. Site’s security is at a commendable level, with many custom-made measures implemented to ensure comfortable business.

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  1. I am new in alphabay. I want to post a thread but it shows me ,You have insufficient privileges to post here.Does anybody know how can i remove this privilege . Thanks

    • I’m sorry I can be of no help. I could post to the forum at one time but my login went haywire and support was support in name only. I think they are all stoned there at the support desk. I will be moving to another group.

    • I am able to log on to the market but no longer to the forum—which I enjoyed. Don’t count on support to help with problems. I wasted my time making an honest effort to get help to no avail—just get canned responses. I think there must be a better group and am moving on.

  2. What is going on with Alpha Bay? I cannot log in to the site using any of the URL’s? Once you enter captcha it goes to a blank screen.

    This seems to be an exit scam and looks like we all lost all our BTC. Fuck, this is Bull Shit

  3. Site now gives message:
    “Our technicians are looking into the recent downtime, please expect a downtime of approximatedly 1 hour.”
    Looks like just a server issue, not some kind of exit scam as some people are worried about.

  4. Again – Captcha code is not working – about 3 in 5 are off screen, but even those that show clearly and can be transcribed are not accepted.

  5. I managed to get in yesterday, deposited bitcoins and now can’t login, asks me to enter captcha repeatedly. When is this getting sorted?

  6. can’t log in but for those able to get captcha screen usually restarting tor or using alt link does the trick, i usually get that problem if i enter wrong captcha the first time around

  7. Dont get in since my first registration, all the time the captcha are not correctly! Whats fron mit alphbay, any idea why doesnt work? Thanks for some replys!!!

    • There is always a way to enable u login to alphabaymarket without going through stress even if you enter the captcha ….I login every time and I had no problem login over and over again….you just ve to figure out how….it took me sometime to get through this I trust you too can.

  8. i did deposit Moneros on to my acc and they are not showing. i contactet the support but they are only saying there was not money deposit. can i change my alphabay monero adress?

  9. I was happily using AB for a few months—getting used to it, having a few discussions on the forum. Then, one day there was a quirk in forum login. I asked for support and—what a joke. There is no support. They just send canned messages that are no help and haven’t gotten me back to the forum so I am moving on. I can still log in to the market but wouldn’t buy anything there now.


    • You can get a bitcoin from and deposit it to ur alphabaymarket wallet to enable u purchase on d alphabaymarket….

  10. selam ben bir hacker olmak istiyorum ama bu konudapek fazla bilgim yok bana yarımcı olurmusunuz
    🙁 🙁 🙁

  11. what Url is the 1 you use for Alpha bay, i seen there is a new 1 as the link on here comes up with out the green lock in the address bar.

  12. On Hidden wiki: each link (not evil, candle etc.) went to alpha bay. After a while everything was normal again. What could be the reason?

  13. Is there any way of getting the captcha to work? I have been trying countless times, none of the captchas seem to work? Can anybody clarify this please? Thanks

  14. why i cant open alphabay? are there is something wrong with server or what? because i just transfer some bitcoin to the website

  15. why i cant open alphabay right now? there is something wrong with server or what? because i just deposit some bitcoin to the website and now i cant open the website…

  16. I have been unable to access Alphabay by any of their listed URL’s since yesterday 6th July 2017 – connection just times out every time. Does anyone know whats going on?

  17. Hey if anyone could message me to help find a Free VPN and who could answer just a couple quick questions regarding utilizing the deep web network I’d really appreciate it.


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