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  1. Mike

    I want to purchase things on this but I’m computer illiterate and don’t understand..? And how do I know u r not cops? I mean it’s 50/50 chance I guess and Im good with that compared to what they usually are.

  2. ewew

    hi help me please I’m anonym

  3. Anonymous

    Im a cop and we are searching for you.

    Have a good day
    The FBI

    • Anonymous

      hehehe….cops it’s here

  4. Anonymous

    bonjour avez vous de la cocaine

  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous

    baltic states we have everything. smert kaziols

  7. Anonymous

    Moto iyoo…!

  8. Anonymous

    credit cards wanted ***********

    • Anonymous

      Dude I have 3 credit card photos

  9. Anonymous


  10. Anonymous

    pls am new here an i need help
    really need to make some good money

  11. Anonymous

    how dom i hack things

  12. Anonymous

    How to join you please

  13. Anonymous

    Looking for latest version of SAS 9.x

  14. Anonymous

    thats funny the cops are here

  15. Anonymous

    I’m done

  16. Anonymous

    PLS I SOME HELP ON HOw to make cool money here

    • Anonymous

      how to participate learn here to make money

  17. Anonymous

    Hello… tips for newbies

  18. Anonymous

    freedom forever!

  19. Anonymous

    this is crazy wtf is this

  20. Anonymous

    Heck is this even legal?

  21. Anonymous

    how to Huck ATM guys?


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